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1. Can an include file call a function from another include file?

I am new to working with jsp.
The scenario is that all of the jsp pages will always have include file A. Some of these pages will need to call functions ...

2. How do I get functionality in a standard class?

Background: Migrating an application from ball of mud to MVC. Many classes contain HTML building methods. Refactoring as I add features, I'm not looking for a complete rewrite. ...

3. How to call Onload function in the Main page as well as @include file inner.jsp page

I have two pages one is the main page and the another one is the inner page: Page names: main.jsp , sidebar.jsp I want to call the onload function on both of these ...

4. Can I include jsp as an innerHml in a jsp from javascript function?

Including an external jsp page as an innerHtml from a javascript function

5. Use Include directive on JSP Method or function

I want to use something like... FileOfFucntions.jsp

  public void Function(String Armugents) {
      Out.println("Testing: "+Armugents+"<br/>");
%><%@ include file ="OtherFile.jsp" %><%!

7. Include Directive return from a Function

Originally posted by sonu arora: Bear I want to read a config file inside a java file and then this java file will return the include directive (from config) to the calling jsp file which shld include the content of that included jsp. That config file may have 0 or n number of jsp's to be included. Hi sonu, I will ...