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Hi, I am a bit reluctant about my question but I would like to give it a try.. Are jsp:include directives still in used today in many modern web applications? I have a menu that is being used across all jsp, i am not quite sure if putting them in a separate jsp and then including them in all my other ...

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Hi All, I understand the differnce between and <%@include>. In @include, the same servlet is created for the included jsp while in jsp:include two different servlet are presend in memory. @include is used to access static contents, while jsp:include is used when content changes dynamically. But i dont really understand what is the advantage to user if the same servlet ...

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Well, Adding more explanation. There are 6 tabbed panes, The banner gets displayed on all the first 3 tabbed panes, but when I click on the 4th tabbed pane. I dnt see the banner. The path provided for the included JSP is absolutely correct and works fine with other 3 tabbed panes.

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11. What JSP compiler does with included Javascript?    coderanch.com

Javascript is executed at the client side, in the browser. JSP Engine does not do anything to Javascript. It treats the Javascript the same way as it treats the html, i.e. as plain text. And as it evaluates EL expressions inside html tags, in the same way it evaluates EL expressions inside Javascript.

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