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1. how to Pass param to jsp:include

This is my part of jsp file.i am struggling to set param value to SalesClientDetails.jsp.i am not using this style <% %>. How to pass param i tried using jsp:expression ...

2. jsp:include & jsp:param

3. passing object to included page through jsp:param

Hi, I am creating a JSP page. I want to pass an object to an included JSP page so that it can retrieve it. Currently I have made a dirty way of doing it. I add the object to the request.setAttribute and retrieve it in the JSP as request.getAttribute. It is working fine but it is less understandable and might create ...

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5. Passing Var's using include param

6. JSP include param - problems with multiple include from same page

Hey there I've stumbled upon a quite annoying problem, from which I at the moment know of no way to remedy.. Here goes: I have two pages; PageA.jsp and PageAInclude.jsp PageAInclude contains some visual html that I wish to embed two places on PageA.jsp, and I need a parameter sent in which will tell the included page how to operate and ...