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1. Htmlunit problem getting included jsps

I am trying to make a stress test using htmlunit 2.8 for a web application developed by JSF and it contains page inside page by facelet for example <ui:include mypage.jsp> inside ...

2. jsp:include problem

3. Include problems

I'm including a JSP page inside another, the second page is in a different directory and so the images cant be found as the path is now screwy. The images arent in the root directory and I cant hardcode their path either, so I put an attribute in the web-xml that gives me the path to the images directory and use ...

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6. jsp include problem

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8. jsp:include problem

9. getRequestDispatcher.include problem

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11. Problems with jsp:include

I'm trying to include a page with a jsp:include, but if I set the attribute flush=true the page doesn't load and if I set it to flush=false it loads but with an exception. The included page: <%@ taglib uri="" prefix="c"%> <%@ taglib uri="/WEB-INF/ls-html.tld" prefix="ls-html"%> <% pageContext.setAttribute("acntMap", request.getAttribute(DelegateConstants.CONS_REL_ACNTS)); System.out.println("Hey DAN! Included!"); %>

17. Include Servlet Problem

Hello all! I have a problem I cannot solve, I will try to explain. I have a jsp page, at the bottom I include a servlet : The servlet simply does a : out.println("


"); So far everything works fine. At this jsp page you can type in username and password in a form, and submit. If username and ...

18. Problem with jsp:include

19. problem in including JSP

Hi, I am trying to include 1 jsp into another JSP as below. <%@ include file="/actual_daily_gross.jsp" %> but i am getting below JSP compilation error. bom_bo_maint_actual_gross_daily.jsp:191:28: Error in "actual_daily_gross.jsp" at line 36: A variable with this name already exists at this location. <%@ include file="actual_daily_gross.jsp" %> ^----------------------^ bom_bo_maint_actual_gross_daily.jsp:191:28: Error in "actual_daily_gross.jsp" at line 37: A variable with this name already exists ...

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21. Jsp Include Problem

had to revive an old dead thread that was never answered, did you? Without more information it's impossible to tell what you're actually doing, but a quick guess would suggest you're using dynamic includes where the result of the page execution is parsed at runtime into the result of a larger page (which is actually the correct way to work in ...