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1. Should JDBC drivers be included in a WAR?    stackoverflow.com

We have a commercial software product under development. It supports Oracle, MySQL, and SQL*Server backends (we also use H2 for testing). We do our integration testing against those different ...

2. How to include JDBC driver with .war file    stackoverflow.com

What do I need to do to include the JDBC-ODBC drivers in my web application? What library are these found in? Thanks. Note: I need the MS Access jdbc driver only.

4. SetAutoCommit ->flag , Servlet, DAO object, Websphere    coderanch.com

I have come across this issue and I observe the following. I would appreciate feedback on this. Thanks. On Websphere 5.2.2 , 'connection.setAutoCommit' Flag need to be set to 'true' if we are using 'Servlet' making call to the DAO object, which performs read only 'select' queries.If this flag is is set to 'false', the following message shows up. Note:If we ...