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1. problem through sending mesaage by jsp by java mail

enter code here
It's MailForm.html
  <form action="sendMail.jsp" method="post">
    <table cellspacing="2" cellpadding="2" border="1">

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Please don't. A LOT of mail readers don't like it, including Lotus Notes. At best, it requires extra effort and overhead to view. At worst, it may be unreadable. Forget that. AT WORST, some twerp will hack it to carry a virus payload. HOWEVER. If you MUST, just create the HTML the same way you would if you were writing it ...

4. sending mail

Some mail servers have a "Drop" directory where you can create a file with the SMTP headers and the email body. The mail server simply scans the drop directory on a schedule and sends the mails out. If you did this it would simply be a case of file I/O. Regards James

5. How to send mail to hotmail,yahoo,rediffmail?

Hi everybody, I run an tomcat server on my system. I have written a 'sendmail.jsp', which is supposed to send mails to hotmail,yahoo and rediffmail. This sendmail.jsp has been downloaded by me from net . But , i have been getting lot of errors. I cant get to mail to yahoo. Can somebody explain me why i cant do this simple ...

6. sending and receiving mail through jsp

hello sir, i am new to jsp.right now i am making a small project that will be basically a mail server. here in this project i am using student login and password as a means of authentication.when the user is authenticated then a html page will be vied which will contain links to pages containg mail box,all other things useful for ...

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15. Sending Mail from closing servlet

Hi All, I've ran into a bit of a problem, I have a servlet loaded via context listener. If the context is destroyed for any reason, I want to send an email to myself warning me that its no longer running.. However, during testing when I stop the application, the mail cannot be sent.. I'm using javax.mail to send which I ...

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24. Deleting an attachment after sending mail

File[] pdfFile = {DownloadProfile.generateProfile(profileId, "pdf", request, response)}; //Format Subject: String subject = ContentUtil.get("com/inikah/template/common-subject.txt"); subject = subject.replace("[$mail-context$]", "Please Check This Pdf"); subject = subject.replace("[$profile-name$]", profile.getProfileName()); subject = subject.replace("[$profile-code$]", profile.getProfileCode()); //Format Body: String body = ContentUtil.get("com/inikah/template/profile/profile-attachment.html"); body = body.replace("[$contact-person$]", "Sr/Br"); body = body.replace("[$profile-name$]", profile.getProfileName()); body = body.replace("[$profile-code$]", profile.getProfileCode()); for (String toAddress: email) { if (Validator.isNotNull(toAddress)) MailUtil.sendMail(toAddress, subject, body, pdfFile); } pdfFile[0].delete();

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