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I was wondering how i can force a user who has requested a page using Http to use the secure https version? I am using Websphere 6.1 as my application server and ...

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When we write in a Javascript expression :

expression < <%=variableJsp%>
the double "<" seems to be a problem and the JSP is not interpreted ? Is it a fault of the other ...

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I have written a simple test servlet and deployed it on websphere applications. When i try to access the servlet it gives me following error Error 404: SRVE0190E: I have checked all the basic ...

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I can't seem to solve this. Originally the JSP code had a function in Javascript that would call a jsp from another server:

window.open("<%= otherServer %>/ourreports/Company/fooreport.jsp?index"+index,"Foo",options);
where otherServer was a local server ( This worked ...

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I've been asked to get a web application running in WebSphere using RAD 8.0.1, which isn't my usual app.server or development environment. I'm starting off simple, using the default Ajax Test Server, ...

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How can a reload a servlet once a month? We got some data which will change once a month, the data is for the servlet, but we don't need to save the ...

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I have some configuration stored in the servlet context, sharing among servlets. The current approach is to load the config into a single copy of static hashmap shared by the servlets ...

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I have many servlets in a web applicaton; for some stange reason, only and only one of them always fails in initialization with the following error trace:- 00000045 ServletWrappe E ...

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While making some small changes to a Web application which is deployed in a WebSphere AS, we want to bring the application down with a static Under Construction page. What is ...

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The above design is the standard web application design pattern called the model-view-controller (MVC) pattern. As you stated the JSP's provide the view, the servlet is the controller and the bean represents the model. You may want to think about implementing three types of beans; command, view and data beans. The command bean will control the processing of the business logic ...

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If none of the above work delete the .class and .dat files in the WebSphere\AppServer\temp\default_host\default_app directory (assuming you are using the default_app). If you are not using the default_app go into the folder that has the same name as your application. I am running into the same problem with WebSphere not recognizing that a new JSP has been published. By deleting ...

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I use ldapjdk.jar or ldap40.jar of netscape to connect my jsp to Directory Server. Sample to authenticate import java.util.Hashtable; import java.util.Enumeration; import javax.naming.*; import javax.naming.directory.*; import netscape.ldap.*; ... public static boolean authenticate(String uid,String pwd) { boolean status = false; LDAPConnection ld = new LDAPConnection(); LDAPEntry findEntry = null; String dn = null; String MY_HOST = "MyMachine"; int MY_PORT = 389; String ...

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