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1. web service client reference, in a servlet

I have a servlet, and that servlet uses a .net web service to perform some function. To do this, I created the webservice client in Netbeans using the "jax-rpc" style client. Let's ...

2. How to create web service client in a .jsp page?

I have created a WSDL for my web service. I would like to know how to call it from a jsp page from my another web application. I would like to call ...

3. How to write web service client in javascript to call web service, in jsp web project?

I want to write a web service client in javascript to invoke web service method on my jsp page. Please help me ASAP. Thanks

4. which client side architecture should be followed

I am developing a web site in which I am using REST web services, now there are 2 ways of making calls to the REST web services.. 1. directly through AJAX
2. ...

5. Web Services Client using JSP

7. Running a DII client through JSP

8. JSP as webservice client

The client config can't be the same as the server config - the server file has WS deployment information that are not applicable to the client. Why don't you post the two files -don't forget to use CODE tags-, and we can take a look at them to see if there's something missing. And -yes- the client config file is a ...

11. J2EE Web Services Client/Consumer?

13. Servlet sends zip file to client

14. SLSB client asyncly invoking webservice

15. web service client

Hi - I was writing a client for a webservice which has been deployed on Axis2. My servlet is getting two arguments and passing the details to call the webservice. It is working fine when i run the servlet on Netbeans but it not running perfectly when i want to run it on apache. I'm getting following error. HTTP Status 500 ...

17. is it possible to implement email client in servlets????

You want to develop a standard e-mail client with speech functionality using Servlets? Not a good idea, but it would somewhat be possible -- by using applets hosted on a server with the Servlet and using the Servlet as some sort of UI proxy between the end user and the required complexities of a network client and speech processor. What on ...

19. publish a web service client with a jsp file