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1. How to get Context when servlet/jsp is not used? Only plain class files

My existing web application gets database pooling parameters from context. Now, I'm developing a new web service to be deployed as a separate application, but using the previous database. In this new web ...

2. weblogic cluster context

I have a web service app running on WebLogic 10.3. Recently, I created a cluster so the app would run on multiple servers and share resources. I have a ...

3. Is there anything at a higher level than servlet context

Servlet context is per application (or per .WAR). Is there anything that attributes can be stored to, to be available to all applications on a server / within an EAR?

5. Sharing of Persistence Context - Multiple WAR

Juggy Obhi wrote: Note: I am Using TOMCAT 7 as the Server so i doubt if EAR is an option for me. I really need help. I can see big issues with the way my apps are, alomost every thing is common with these three apps, but at this times, unwillingly i have to duplicate all my jars in all three ...

6. context file from war file

7. Getting servlet context in a web service