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1. JSP as Email template

Is there a way to send a MIME email in which the body of the email is derived from a JSP? I need to send an email with Javamail which ...

2. Sending email using a servlet

I have to send an email through a servlet, I have tried a bunch of codes, but none of them work with an gmail account, any ideas?;

3. Sending an Email Using Java

        Properties props = new Properties();
        props.put("", "");
        Session ...

4. User sign-up with email verification

I'm developing a website with using struts2 and jsp pages. In many sites after you sign-up, a link will be sent to your email and after clicking on that the registration ...

5. how to send an email from jsp/servlet?

how to send an email from jsp/servlet?

6. How send automatic reply on particular email id when an user registers?

I have created a registration form in JSP with an input field for email address. When user submits the form, then the user must get an auto-reply on his/her email address. ...

7. Email Notification

How to write the jsp code for auto generate a notification for a user if the user have an email inside the inbox.

8. Easiest way to supply a Java webapp with lists of email lists

I'm renovating a legacy Java webapp ( servlets and JSPs ) I inherited. The webapp sends email and it uses about 12 lists of email addresses. The email addresses ...

9. How to retrieve the Email Contacts using JSP/Servlet

Hi all, Currently i am doing a web application using JSP/SERVLET. My projects needs to invite the email contacts from the registered members email id. Member will give his email id ...

10. how to display html email? thanks!

11. Sending email order confirmationa

13. Secure Email?

14. sending e-mail

I am using Jakarta-Tomcat 4 server and strut framework for my simple application. I would like to send e-mail to users weekly about their account balance or when ever their account balance is below certain amount. How should I do this? What are my options? I am a novice in this kind of technology. Thank you. Anurag

15. How can you attach a file in email ?

16. How to use JSP to send email

hmmm.. If this is an intranet app and you can guarantee all users have Outlook: is there a file extension which is recognized as an Outlook file? Maybe by constructing this file on-the-fly and shooting it to the browser it will launch outlook with the content you prefilled it with. This is an idea. I've never tried this in practice. Other ...

17. sending e-mail

18. sending email?

19. how to create email editor in JSP

20. Sending dynamic content by email in jsp

hasan, It would be helpful if: 1) You would enclose your code in UBB code tags. That will preserve the formatting of your code. Most people here, myself included, will not read long blocks of unformatted code. 2) State specifically what your problem is. You say what you are trying to do. Then include some code. But nowhere do you state ...

21. Sending Scheduled Emails

22. send data to email

23. adding a jsp link within a email

24. attach emails in JSP

Well, Outlook is a client side program - so your users will first have to save the email to a known location, then upload it through a servlet to your server. Then you can attach the file to an email you generate and send with the JavaMail API. That all sounds a little clumsy though. The easiest way to do it ...

25. Help needed to send email using jsp

26. how to detetct bounced emails ???

27. Using JSP's as Template for Email

28. Sending email from JSP

29. Sending emails from jsp applications

31. Dynamically retrieving the email contents

hi, I am doing one web application in JSP.In that project,i want to download the email contents and attachment came to a particular email. I did this retreiving from emails whenever i clicks on a link. it is working fine.and i am able to retrieve the email content perfectly. Now i want to do thie retrieving without clicking any link or ...

32. How to send email

33. JSP Template for Email

I know there is similar question before, but i really wanna to see if there is any better answer today. We are all JSP 2.0 projects, 2.0 + EL, and we really want to reuse some JSP as our template, they are actually the same page content, just less style. My team really think there is a better way, other than: ...

34. Problem sending email to Lotus iNote

I have this application that sends mail to a mail server.The server uses Domino Lotus iNote to distribute and display the mails.But when a user receives the mail,the column that suppose to show the "Who" is always blank/empty making the mail look more like a spam.And some users don't care to open it thinking that it is a spam. Can anyone ...

35. to send an email from a servlet

36. EMail servlet

37. can servlets send email???????????

38. How can i e-mail from JSP or Servlet

39. sending emails from servlet

HI , I'm trying to send an email from servlet using class.. I'm using PostCast server(SMTP server) running on my computer ,The settings are host name: nasir server port : 25 Since SmtpClient api is not available I don't know what to put in the constructor.I tried with following but none is working SmtpClient sc=new SmptClient("nasir:25"); SmtpClient sc=new SmptClient("nasir:2025"); SmtpClient ...

40. How to send an email thro' Jsp

This tip is from JGuru JavaMail Faq. How can I send email from a JSP page? Location: Created: 19-Nov-99 Modified: 2000-07-31 09:12:40.424 Authors: Govind Seshadri ( You can send email from any JSP engine (like the JSWDK reference implementation) that supports the Sun specific package. (Statutory warning: Using internal Sun-specific packages is not an approach jGuru ...

41. sending an email from jsp

Dear Friends, I am preparing a jsp application where a certain event triggers off an email to a few recipients. I am using the oreillys MailMessage class. The issue is that when i open an object- i need to specify an email servers address. a normal isp does not allow a different ip to log on and send emails. how do ...

42. Problem during sending email using JSP

Originally posted by KCVignesh: hi aamir, i have done the same thing in my module.i think the code \below can help u.i have mad a class called mailer u can use the class.for using the class should download javamailapi,java activationframework in ur class path and continiue. the code is Hi Vignesh, Thanks for ur reply. actually i have successfully send mail ...

43. to receieve email using jsp

44. Email from Servlet??

45. send email using servlet and jsp

49. How To Send E-Mail in JSP?

50. Servlets that send email via HTML

51. Send e-mail from servlet?

52. Send email directly from a servlet

53. About sending Email using Servlet

Using a Thread to perform some task in cooperation with a servlet is a little tricky but do-able if you remember that the servlet can be handling multiple requests. In this case you could create a class to represent a single email. A "singleton style" Runnable class to handle sending the data to a mail server would hold a vector of ...

54. Servlets, emails and Servlets......

55. Sending JSP rendered html email from a Servlet

I am adding email this page functionality to an existing jsp/servlets based website. I can send html content without issue as long as it is written into the servlet sending the email. Is there a simple method for including the rendered html output from a jsp as the body of the html email? Or am I forced to reproduce the jsp ...

56. Servlet sending an email

57. Sending email via Servlet Problem.

58. Create e-mail via servlet

59. Email in jsp

60. Email with jsp

62. Sending Html values as a email to JSP

64. sending to email using JSP

Dear experts, I got the following sample code by googling... SendMail.html

Receiver name:
Receiver email address:

DemoSendMail.jsp <%@ taglib prefix="blx" uri="/blx.tld" %> <% // Get username. String email = request.getParameter( "email" ); %> <% if ( email == null || email.equals( ...

65. Email character issue

67. how to send email through jsp using localhost.

hi everyone can you please help me to write a application that can send email through jsp and servlet. using localhost as a SMTP server. I have written following code for it. mail.jsp

To :

68. sending email through jsp

69. Send email through jsp

70. JSP Email

71. Facing problem while sending e-mail

my code runs on a windows server on my machine but as i upload the same class file to the linux machine it does not work. As there is no error generation go cant get the exact problem.. See my code below if u could help me... public static String myemail = "", //username mypassword = "*************", //password myhost = "", ...

72. JSP Email

73. i want to send email from jsp,

74. multiple email addresses in a jsp help

Follow [this|] guide, that will get you the dynamic form. On the Struts side you should make a form which allows has a variable of type List to hold your email addresses. You will need a setter method which takes an int for the index and a String for the address. You can see something similar being done with Struts FormFiles ...

75. Email with attachment from servlet