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1. how to develop mail storage in jsp?

Where can I get information about mail storage? For ex. creating new folder in your Yahoo account and saving some important emails in that folder. I want to develop email server ...


3. JAVA Mail Problem..

4. Java mail problem

J2SDK (1.3.0_02) on Windows 2000 Server with SP1 Hi all I have a JSP which calls a bean (which I did not write) that sends an email after a banking transaction has taken place (transfer of funds between two accounts). I want to add some additional information to the message, by passing the following parameters to the bean: source account, destination ...

5. Problem using JAVA Mail

Hi all, I was using JAVA Mail component using Jrun. It was working fine. Now I deployed the project on tomcat and using JAVA Mail there. Its not working. Its giving a datasource activation error. Jrun was running on windows platfrom whereas, tomcat is running on a unix machine. reply soon. Thanks Ali

6. Java Mail receive Problem

A multipart/alternate mail contains many part which are essential same in content. While using outlook if we compose mail as html the actully two parts/versions of mail are sent one plain text two html part, so that mail clients which are unable view html message. Usually the mail client sets the most advanced form (html or rich text) as the last ...

7. Java Mail from JSP

8. Java Mail, diff. domain

9. About JAVA MAIL

10. mail via jsp/servlets

11. mail attacehement

12. mail using jsp

suppose i have a jsp page that have some text fields and information input by a user...on pressing the submit button i want to send this page to an e-mail address(in a proper format), so that it can be viewed through e-mail also...(normally this happens in some web applications also where the user and country manager(or any high official) can see ...

13. mail help

14. Java Mail problem

Hi all I an application, I have implemented Java Mail functionality also. mail.jar and activation.jar are the jars downloaded and used. The mailing functionality works fine with Windox XP. But in Windows 2000, it doesn't work. It doesn't throw any exception also. Anyone faced similar problem or can anyone suggest the reason for this.? Any other jar to be used apart ...

15. Mail with attachment using jsp

16. JSP for Mail Templating

The problem is that JSP is oriented completely to getting a HttpRequest and generating a HttpResponse. Even if you had a new servlet compiled from your JSP you would still need to create the request and response - needless complexity. There are many other templating schemes, dynamic "scripting" languages, etc that are probably better suited to generation of HTML formatted emails. ...

17. Problem in Mail Attachemnt using JSP

19. Sendin mail using JSP

22. servlet & java mail

23. Servlets and java mail

25. Problem in Java Mail using Servlet

Hi, I am using an html form to be filled in and a servlet to get parameters from the html form. The servlet then uses the Java Mail API to attach the file and send the mail. The problem I am facing is that when I deploy the application on server on my local machine, the servlet gets the file location ...

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32. JSP: Code for mail retrival