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1. Get relative path to XML file from a non-servlet class in a WAR

I have an XML file which I need to read and load the data in memory every time the app launches. So, while the project was in Eclipse, i hardcoded the ...

2. Beginner servlet question: accessing files in a .war, which path?

When a third-party library I'm using tries to access a file, I'm getting "Error opening ... file ... (No such file or directory)" even though I KNOW the file is in ...

3. Caused by:org.apache.titles.util.TilesIOException:JSPException including path "/views/teamwork/task-list.jsp"

I got the following exception in my JSP

jsp:org.apache.titles.util.TilesIOException:JSPException including path "/views/teamwork/task-list.jsp"
How do I solve it?

5. how to get webserver path

6. Getting Installation Path of Webserver

Dear Ranchers, I'm using JSP and Oracle for my Application - Human Resource. I got a piece of code where I can upload the images of Employees. I have a folder in under my application HumanResource -- WEB-INF -- META-INF -- CSS -- SCRIPT -- UPLOAD In the server the Apache tomcat is installed in the Driver D:\Program files\Apache\Webapps\humanResource But my ...

7. is this path required in war file?

8. JSP and class paths in Websphere

> Can anybody help me with how where should I put the bean class, paths etc. It seems that you have put everything in the right place. JSP's in the web directory, Servlets and JavaBeans in the servlets directory. Just some thoughts, Is SpellCheck inside a package, if it is you will need to state this in the useBean tag.

10. How to refer a html using file system path in an html which is deployed in war file?

Hello All, I think I have a got requirement. I have 3 html pages out of which 2 (dash.htm and domain_list.html are under the same app root in tomcat webapps) are deployed in a war file and the 3rd html (out.html) will not be a part of war file. But I have to include the 3 page which is somewhere located ...