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1. How to fetch client-side certificate in restful web service (Java & Jersey) without Servlets?

I want to access the "subjectDN" from the client-side certificate, i.e., fetch the user data (common name, email, etc) from the certificate, but am not interested in the authentication part. If I ...

2. How to better transfer objects between Jersey restful enabled classes to JSP pages

I have this :

public class Base {

    public Viewable news(@PathParam("page_number") int pageNumber) {


3. How can I access a Restful webservice using servlet?

Is there any way I can access RESTful webservice using a servlet. I dont want to use Jersey client?
EDIT: How can I pass object in the url and make ...

5. Difference between servlet and restful webservice

What is the difference between a servlet and a restful webservice,in terms of 'can do' and 'cant do'. I believe Restful WS dilutes a lot of the bootstrapping available with SOAP-based WS like QoS,state,security,contract etc. Then what does it provide over a normal servlet? What design criteria should decide that I prefer a Restful WS over a generic servlet-based web module? ...