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1. Get the file list in the WebServer from the appserver

Hi all
Is there any methods to fetch the File List in the Web server from the Application Server using JAVA?
i am finding something like

new file ("/webserver_context_root/folder/")
method that using ...

2. for:each loop in IBM Webphere application server 6.1

I have developed a web application and created war file using Netbeans 6.9. I had used Java 5 features extensively, in both jsp's and java files. After deployment while viewing a ...

3. Copy jsp files directly to installed apps on websphere server

In my previous company, we used to copy jsp files and the class files to the websphere server directly in the path below C:\Program Files\IBM\SDP70\runtimes\base_v61\profiles\AppSrv01\installedApps\P443Node02Cell Now, In my present company I dont see ...

4. Java EE 6 server push


I'm well into building a central appointment booking system for various service providers. This is being built on Java EE 6 on GlassFish 3.1.1, making use of JSF 2, EJB 3.1 ...

5. Resding From EXECL sheet and updating Acess .mdb file remotely in web-server

hi I am facing a problem.Client is maintaining a database in old excel file. Now in the web site database file is access .mdb file.Using reswin here. Problem is he wants to write an application. so that after chages to localmachines excel file if i click on java GUI it should connect to the web-site URL and update the .mdb file. ...

7. Weblogic Server setting

10. java mail server

11. how to start with mail server

12. Free Mail Server for Windows

13. separate webserver and application server

Eswar, In your particular scenario, I'd use Spring on Tomcat to inject the remote EJB (presumably EJB 3) instances. Look into Spring support for @EJB, @Resource and the element. Otherwise, you can have OpenEJB on Tomcat do the remote injection for you, but that is a little overkill in this case since all you really need is injection and not ...

15. JSp on weblogic Server

16. Servlets on Weblogic Server

Don't use the backslash in filepaths. Outside the Windows world, it's an escape character that give you problems. ESPECIALLY if you code something like:\foo\bar\ because the trailing backslash will be interpreted as a line-continuation request. Use forward slashes. Even though you're running WebLogic under Windows, WebLogic is using Java's filename parsing rules. Look at some of the filepaths that the ...

18. depolying servlet on weblogic server domain

Hi, i am having problem in deploying servlet on weblogic server. when i deployed my servlet on Examples server.i am getting response back from the servlet, but if i try to deploy the same servlet in some other domain and server,it is not responding. i have made entries in the web.xml and placed my servlet class under the web-inf/classes/ folder,still not ...

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