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1. Servlet Program as a service

I have a Java servlet program which it starts when tomcat starts. I have mentioned the program as load at startup. I am not using any HTTP request or response. What ...

2. Concurrent access to Java servlet's service method

Background: I am using hibernate objects for database access.
inside my servlet's doGet I have:

Account account=getUserAccountHibernateObject();
Since servlet allows concurrent access, the accountBalance is really messed up sometimes. I have ...

3. How to run a service at a specific time using JSP/Servlets app?

I'm developing JSP/Servlets App,and I want to execute a service at a specific time , for example :

For each day at 10:00 AM , delete any attachment from ...

4. Java Servlet: getInitParameter not work in Service()

I've added some parameters in my web.xml config file, as follow:


5. how to implement a service layer in servlet application

Suppose I want to create a service layer for my web application which uses servlets,How should I go about this?(I am not using a web app framework..So,please bear with me).Should I ...

6. How to develop NT services?

7. getting port and service name

9. Calling Print services in Servlets

10. Correlation between Servlet's init() and service() methods

Hello Ramaswamy , init() is called only once & not for each request & also if you try to call service from init how you will get Request & Response Object. Somehow suppose you get them then as said earlier,init will be called only once. I hope this helps....... By the way if you don't mind what was your friends answer ...

14. What services can we obtain from a typical jsp shared hoster?

Pardon me if this is not the place to post this query! Friends i'm developing a web application. But i haven't hosted one yet! what services can we expect from a typical web hosting provider. any recommendations on web-hosting ISP are appreciated. [ July 20, 2008: Message edited by: Bear Bibeault ]

15. regarding servlet service method

16. About servlet's service() method

19. Servlet init() and service()

20. how to synchronize service() in servlets with out using singlethreadmodal interface

For starters, leave the service method alone. It's extremely unlikely that overriding it is the right thing to do, and much more likely that it's the wrong thing. Instead, synchronize individual code sections in the doGet and/or doPost methods, making sure to keep those sections as short as possible. You may also want to look into the numerous other concurrency features ...

21. service() method in servlet class

23. Mobile service inetrage with JSP

Hello to everyone I would like to ask on how I could use SMS(short message service) in my project. We are currently using JSP(java server pages) together with SQL database(SQL yog). What we need is to send messages to the users and receive their replies and store them in our SQL database. This is our thesis project, we are doing this ...

25. super.service() in servlets

in one of the servlet programs, code given as class extending HttpServlet, then doGet() given, then in doPost(), doGet() is called, then in service() method, super.service(req, res) is given. if i remove super.service(req, res), it is giving error. why actually service need to be given or in that super.service(req, res) need to be called? what is the meaning of super.service()?