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1. When to use a View Preparer for Tiles    stackoverflow.com

I'm new to JSP and Tiles, as well as Java. We are currently replatforming our site using these, but I am confused as to when something should be put into a ...

2. Tiles 2.2.1 configuration    stackoverflow.com

I have used Tiles 2.1, but in version 2.2 configuration has changed, but sadly their documentation seems to be very confusing*, at least for me. And their example project download link ...

3.  is slow    stackoverflow.com

There seems to be an overhead in when included file is very large. This has nothing to do with the contents of the file, just its size, the file ...

4. How do I change the order of tile evaluation in Apache Tiles?    stackoverflow.com

I have a problem where the nested templates are being evaluated before the parent template. Due to the ordering issue, this is causing issues with a tag library that insists ...

5. Add external js link to the jsp which extends from the tile template    stackoverflow.com

Tiles definition:


    <definition name="/commonPage" template="/jsp/common/template.jsp">
        <put-attribute name="header" value="/jsp/common/defaultHeader.jsp" />
        <put-attribute name="menu" value="/jsp/common/defaultMenu.jsp" />

6. how to insert a nest tiles    stackoverflow.com

Hi: I know how to insert the attribut and defination in the jsp page,but I can not insert a nestly tiles. This is the exmaple:

    <definition name="/commonPage" template="/jsp/common/template.jsp">

7. Apache Tiles: how to access definition name    stackoverflow.com

I want to write the tiles definition name direct into the templates. But I have no idea how to access the definition name. To illustrate what I want to do have a ...

8. Apache Tiles If/Else    stackoverflow.com

I am wondering if it's possible to have an if/else with Apache Tiles 2 (or JSTL that references a Tiles attribute, that would work to). Basically, I want this:

<%@ taglib uri="http://java.sun.com/jsp/jstl/core" ...

9. Title get as string for body content of paramID?    stackoverflow.com

This is the code that I have: whatever.jsp

<tiles:insert Definition name="hello">
<definition name="hello" extends="masterLayout">
    <put-attribute name="title" value="category thing" />
    <put-attribute name="bodyContent" value="/category/item.jsp" />
<jsp:include page="stuff/${param.ID}.jsp" flush="true" />
<head> ...

10. apache tiles vs custom tagx ("fragment")    stackoverflow.com

Why do anyone needs tiles if same effect could be achieved with simple custom tags with "fragment" attribute? Tags even have several advantages over tiles:

  • Only result pages are ".jspx". Includes are ".tagx" ...

11. Apache Tiles: abstract definition extending another abstract one    stackoverflow.com

I'm using Tiles 2.2 and I'd like to reuse a single JSP to display different messages. Messages have to be defined inside Tiles configuration file. The following example is my approach: base ...