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1. displaying available time slots for reservation in a web application

I am trying to implement a search feature of an instrument reservation table using JDBC and jSP, a reservation is identified by a date and a sequence number of the time ...

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3. JSP --> Servlet --> JDBC

Don Please don't cross post your questions to multiple forums, most of the visitors here read in many of the forums and it is frustrating to see the same question repeated over and over - you have a better chance of gettng a correct and timely answer if you post it to the most appropriate forum instead of using the shotgun ...

4. jsp and servlets with jdbc

After your servlet collects the info it needs from the database, it can tack it onto the request as an attribute and forward to a JSP page. The JSP page retrieves the data to display from the request. Be sure to forward rather than redirect since a forward maintains the same request context. hth, bear

5. JDBC in JSP/Servlet question

Hi Chad, I would agree with what you have said about JDBC connections with servlets. It should be done in the init() method, and yes, it stays active the entire time the servlet is alive, and if two people call the same servlet, they share the connection. The way we have dealt with the connection sharing is by using a connection ...

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7. Why my JDBC not working in servlet

8. JSP--> Servlet --> JDBC

Don Please don't cross post your questions to multiple forums, most of the visitors here read in many of the forums and it is frustrating to see the same question repeated over and over - you have a better chance of gettng a correct and timely answer if you post it to the most appropriate forum instead of using the shotgun ...

9. PageData/Servlet problems

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11. Select Where Clause in servlet

I have code that contains select stmts. The select stmts' where clauses are appended with DOZENS (HUNDREDS) of conditions. A select stmt can run fine for weeks and then break when a specific condition is choosen from web page. ex. select, e.employeeid, e.birthdate, from employee , company .... if (filter on name) name = thename -error name not qualified ...

12. Ned to change servlet code to pure java

Hi Friends, I am trying to use the Tomcat Data Sources,connection pooling.The example I saw used servlets,can you please tell me how to change the servlet to equivalent java code,as i dont know servlets.I have marked(----) the statements,which need to be changed.I have marked the last one(return results),because I dont know where to fit that statement. package bean; import*; import ...

13. CachedRowSet JavaApp-Servlet

14. pls help me to put this into a servlet

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16. Servlet - JDBC interaction

17. JSP, Servlet & JDBC

Hi there, As I think, you should get the retrieved value out of the ResultSet anyway since you could not send it back to client directly. Then why do not you put the retrieved values together with their names into a session. For sure session object is passwd back and forth between the client and servlet. I am not sure how ...

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19. servlet-jdbc

20. Discussion Forum Project in Servlet & JDBC

Hello, Since this is my first e-mail to you, I want to introduce myself.I am Rajpal Kandhari (greenhorn), M/28/Indian(in India)/Bachelor . Basically i am a Mechanical Engineer working for Singapore Shipping (that is Merchant Shipping). Since May this year i started learning computers. I have Studied Oracle 8i, Developer R6.0, Oracle Application Server, Core Java, HTML, JavaScript. Now I am studying ...

21. Servlets/JDBC Support Left Outer Joins

22. on servlets and jdbc

I'm not really sure what you are asking. You may find it useful to ask again in different words. 1. Databases have very little to do with e-mail. When you create a database connection through JDBC, you get a single connection to the specified database. Whether you establish the connection in the init() method or the service() method depends on both ...

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24. servlet + jdbc

hi everybody am doing a project for online opinion poll where i need to count votes from users & user is allowed to vote only once in a session .i am using servles & jdbc connections for this project. can any body tell me how to go about it since i am facing a big problem & my submission is on ...

25. servlet-jdbc

26. Servlets with JDBC

Hi All, i have a small doubt regarding JDBC with servlets. suppose assume that i have 3 html's( called using servlets). main page which takes care of logging in, second page is to retrieve and display data from database and third page is to enter data. So if i create a connection object,statement object if the user is valid in the ...

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28. servlet and jdbc (urgent)

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33. First Servlet, Jdbc program :(

Hi, I am trying to write a code that retrieves info from database and show it on the web. I couldn't view it through Tomcat, I don't understand the reason. Can anyone explain it to me? This is my code: import javax.servlet.*; import javax.servlet.http.*; import*; import java.sql.*; public class ShowEmployees extends HttpServlet { Connection conn = null; public ...

34. JSP --> Servlet --> JDBC

35. Servlets and JDBC

36. servlets and jdbc

37. JDBC and Servlet

I have a form

It calls servlet insertBusinessUnit in action tag and this servlet is inserting values in database. My SQl query is : "Insert into sandbox.businessunit (businessunitname, businessunitdescription)values ...

Business Unit :
Description :

38. servlet-jdbc help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

39. JDBC through Servlet

Hi Chandrasekhar S I dont get the meaning of "Cross check your data source name in your ODBC Datasource in your OS ". Can you please explain me abt it. Hi Praful Thakare i have placed the file. And still it is not working. Should i unzup the contents in it. Hi Mark Spritzler Cnd you just tell how to ...

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48. problem with using rs.getString() in servlet.

Hi Seetharaman, I'm calling the MailsDAO class from my ViewMailServlet and in that MailsDAO class i'm printing the output on the tomcat console to trace out the request processing. In that course i'm printing the rs.getString(1),rs.getString(2),rs.getString(3) successfully on the tomcat console. System.out.println("rs.getString(1)"+rs.getString(1)); and when i run the application i can see the output "" and similarly for the remaining column values ...

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51. JDBC return null when called from a servlet

i have a class file that does all the jdbc stuff and return the values from the database to the servlet.. but the problem is when i call the class from the servlet , the resultset is null but when i call the same class from other class' main: the values are returning jsut fine.. i even stuffed all the functions ...

52. JDBC problems using Servlets

Thank you for reply. Yes the JVM is also 64 bit . But I'm not using any multiple connections at the same time. I was just trying to access it from servlet i.e., from browser. I also am using DSN created for Microsoft access...... When I set a dsn by the name 'mydsn' for MS Access...... Class.forName("sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcDriver");------Line 7 Connection con = ...

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54. Jdbc

55. Jdbc

Is that the only data column you have? If so it's not possible to do that in anyways of I've explain earlier. You must have int value to do that. Just think about, you cannot take a top value by ordering a text data, otherwise not in a sequence. It's really hard to guess that we have such a sequence in ...

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61. servlet jdbc issue...

Well, is there anything in the Employees table in that db? That aside, there are several things that are bad practice here. Your list is not thread safe, that is, in general statics like that that can be populated by different sessions are a Bad Thing. Why not simply have it as an attribute of Conn, with a getList() method? There ...

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