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1. Use of ajax to call JMS

Hi I have the followig code: page1.jsp The ajax function called on click of button

function ajaxFunction()
var xmlHttp;
xmlHttp = new ActiveXObject("Msxml2.XMLHTTP");

2. javax.jms.*

3. JMS conceptual doubt

4. download JMS package ?

I am learning JMS through ActiveMQ. AcitiveMQ is running perfectly. I write one simple PTP java which is using javax.jms.*, then I can't complie it because I don't have jms package in my classpath. Then I want to download and install it. Now I found a problem. All JMS packages are bundled inside j2ee application server which is over 100mb. I ...

5. application of JMS

One to One such as any interaction between two modules or applications. You can connect your internal application with the one that has been developed outside your company as a 3rd-party application. One to Many can be any notification or messaging system that you want to notify certain consumers or applications. For example it can be stock market, weather channel, event ...

6. JMS

7. JMS acknowledgement modes

8. How to work on JMS from home?

Hi All, I want to work on JMS from home coz I do not have access to the work resources when I leave the office. Can someone tell me how I can work from home? We need to connect to some server and create a queue, send messages to it and receive messages from it right? Can we do that from ...

9. JMS newbie question.

10. Some kind of JMS browser

Hello Imagine that you have application based on JMS. It uses queues A, B and so on. Application admins should be able to "browse" these queues: view how much messages are in each queue, may be view some of messages and so on. For example: if some end user will report that he can not get messages, admin should be able ...

11. JMS configuration question.

12. JMS Beginner

13. jms not bound? what is that?

14. Bad auto JMS Cast

15. JMS Real world scenario

16. JMS information

17. Timeout for JMS Receiver.

18. Wrt to JMS

19. what is inbound in jms?

20. Questions on JMS

21. JMS Messaging component

23. jms configuration

24. Need basic JMS example

25. JMS Architect Question

I'm new to JMS and MDBs but I have implemented two processes (B, C) that use JMS and MDB. The two processes work independently from each other and they have their own MDB listening to a their own queue. I need to create a new process (A) that will submit individual requests to the two processes above (B,C). Then this new ...

26. JMS reference

27. Non-JMS messaging

28. JMS - (A)synchronous ?!?

Hey all, In studying for my SCJA a majority of the study guides ive seen state that JMS uses Asynchronous messaging. However i came across the following statement which hints that JMS can do both Asynchronous and Synchronous: 2.3 Message Consumption Messaging products are inherently asynchronous in that no fundamental timing dependency exists between the production and the consumption of a ...

29. JMS alternative

30. JMS applications compatibility

31. JMS and Quartz

32. JMS

33. Biginier of JMS

34. Simple Question regarding JMS

Dear friends, I have a simple question regarding JMS. I have a system where in I send a request to the server and will get a response maybe 2-3 days later. The request is like METH_REQ with parameters A,B and C. The response is like METH_RES with parameters D,E and F. When I get the response I need the values of ...

35. Question regarding JMS.

36. Security Identity in JMS

37. what does jms:// and vm:// refer ?

38. A question about clustering and jms

I have deployed a jee application to a JBoss 4.2 cluster. The application basically adds messages to a topic. mdbs(ejb 3.0) then subscribe to the topic and process the messages. I am using ha-jms( port 1100 ) on JBoss AS. Right now when it appears that the mdbs that I wrote are being called on both members of the cluster (currently ...

39. Why JMS?

40. how to poll a jms topic

41. Implementation of JMS interface methods

42. setjmsreply in JMS

When the application which posts a message expects a response to the message, it sometimes creates a temporary queue and sets this temporary queue in the replyTo property. Clients which receive the message can post back to this temporary queue with a response. Often the jms correlation id is used to link the two - the request and response messages. ram. ...

43. JMS on WAS 6.1

hi...........i want to use JMS in WAS6.1 Is there any tuorial that will explain me in detail.......... how to create message queue,listener port,..what is conection factories......etc in user friendly way........... i watch one topic over here but that expalin how to use JMS over bus............but i want to use it on message QUEUE....... how to receive message from message queue and ...

45. JMS - few conceptual questions

This is my first post here, so hello everyone. I have message producer SLSB (A) and a consumer MDB (B). Session mode is set to CLIENT_ACKNOWLEDGE in A. A writes message to the queue and B get his onMessage() method invoked. Something went wrong during processing request from message in B (message is successfully delivered, but some other business method fails) ...

48. Question about acknowledge Mode in JMS

Ravi Kiran V wrote:If we have access to the server , can we see this Acknowledged Message ?? If so please specify the location , i am using weblogic 11 RI as my server . Do you have a real need to see it? Think of the acknowledgement as similar to a transaction commit, all it is doing is letting the ...

49. JMS

50. Multithreaded JMS application

I am working on a multithreaded JMS receiver and publisher code. XML message is received from a Queue, stored procedures(takes 70 sec to execute) are called and response is send to Topic within 90 sec. I need to handle a condition when broker is down. i.e. a condition in which messages are received from Queue and are being processed in java, ...

51. Multithreaded jms application

I am working on a multithreaded JMS receiver and publisher code (stand alone multithreaded java application). MOM is MQSonic. XML message is received from a Queue, stored procedures(takes 70 sec to execute) are called and response is send to Topic within 90 sec. I need to handle a condition when broker is down or application is on scheduled shutdown. i.e. a ...

52. JMS ExceptionListener

53. JMS Standalone application

Hi Guys, I'm a beginner in JMS. This would be my first project in JMS. I have already read some tutorials regarding this. I have some questions. The scenarios is this. I have an exisiting cobol procedure. Let's call this processA. processA is consuming message from a Queue coming from the Peoplesoft application. Let's call this queue queueA. I am not ...

54. JMS Correlation overridden

55. JMS application is slow

56. JMS or SCP

57. why JMS?

58. JMS Question

59. JMS HelloWorld

60. JMS topic asknowledge modes

61. JMS ?

62. JMS Producer question

63. Statefulness using JMS

We plan to use JMS and MDBs to create a certain service. We need to maintain state between methods, which means between the JMS messages. To demonstrate using an example , Lets say the service has 2 methods login and book.. I get a JMS message for a login, the service consumes it, and returns a token. Now, I send a ...