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1. How can I produce a select tag using JSTL or Standard Actions in a JSP

I want to make a select tag in a JSP, where the options are an Enumeration (for example, all US States). Is their a tag in JSTL or a standard ...

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3. Exception in JSTL with Custom action tag

hello Christophe Verre, thanks for the reply... i have quoted the jsp code..for your perusal.. <%@taglib uri='../WEB-INF/core-jstl.tld' prefix='core-jstl' %> Request Parameters:

Request Headers:


The tag handler is as follows: public class ShowMapAction extends TagSupport { public void setMap(String mapName) { this.mapName = mapName; } public int doStartTag() throws ...

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Sets a property value or values in a Bean. JSP Syntax Examples Description The element sets the value of one or more properties in a Bean, using the ...

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