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1. JSTL and boolean properties

I have a need to display custom boolean values on a web page using either JSTL or Struts taglibs. What I mean by "custom boolean values" is that I've got a JavaBean with a method like "public boolean isActive()" and I want to display either "yes" or "no" on the web page instead of "true" or "false". How should I do ...

2. Boolean Object in JSTL

3. JSTL and booleans

4. How do you run a boolean on a hashmap using JSTL?

worked I am creating a hashmap with the jsp:useBean tag. i set the maps name to "something_map." Then I made a key called submitted and set its value to goodbye. When I display "something_map.submitted", it successfully displays "goodbye", but when I run the and test to see if "something_map.submitted" is equal to "goodbye", it doesn't ...