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Is there a way to use Enum values inside a JSP without using scriptlets. e.g.

package com.example;

public enum Direction {
so in the JSP I ...

2. Access Map in JSTL    stackoverflow.com

I have:

public enum MyEnum{
    One, Two, Three
From controller, I put in the model:
HashMap<MyEnum, Long> map = new HashMap<MyEnum, Long>();
map.put(MyEnum.One, 1L);
mav.addObject( "map", map);
How do I in my JSTL access ...

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I'm trying to access elements in a HashMap. The keys of this HashMap are defined by an Enum. After going through the documentation, I figured that in order to be able to access ...

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I have a contant list declared in java using enum type, that must appears in a jsp. Java enum declaration :

public class ConstanteADMD {

    public enum LIST_TYPE_AFFICHAGE {

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I am trying to do some website development using jstl and I run into the following problem: Here I am trying to create a dropdown, where the displayed value is the country names, and ...