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1. How do I dynamically access request parameters with JSP EL?

I'm looping through a list of items, and I'd like to get a request parameter based on the item's index. I could easily do it with a scriptlet as done below, but ...

2. How can I post parameters for JSTL import tag ()?

I'm currently using JSTL tag in a JSP page to import the content of an external page:

<c:import url="">
   <c:param name="Param1" value="<%= param1 %>" />

3. Passing bad string as javascript parameter

I'm having a problem passing parameters that I think I should be able to solve elegantly (with 1 line of code) but I can't seem to solve the issue. I have ...

4. How can you strip HTML comments out of a page generated with JSP/JSTL?

I know some people use ANT to accomplish this, but I don't want to remove HTML comments from the actual jsp, I just want a way to strip them from output ...

5. How do I pass a parameter to a JSP via a cross-context JSTL import?

I've come across a few other questions that describe a similar, but not identical situation, to mine. This question, for instance, shows pretty much the same problem, except that I'm ...

6. calling another variable using a variable value as parameter in jstl

the logic is somehow like this:

<c:set var="vehicle" value="car">
<c:set var="car" value="ferrari">
since the value of ${vehicle} = "car" which is also the name of the variable with the value of "ferrari" i access ...

7. Generate URLs with parameters in Freemarker similar to jstl's c:url

I am newbie to Freemarker & am pretty sure there would be an easy way to do this. Essentially in my jsp page I have something like this,

<c:url var="myURL" value="/amount">

8. Adding to request parameters in a jsp

How can I add parameters to a link in a jsp without overwriting what is already there? For example I have this now:

<a href="<c:url value='/Top.jsp?sortBy=downloads&sortOrder=desc'/>">
But if they have a search ...

9. jstl c:out returns a "0" when I am trying to output a String (variable name containing a "-") defined as context-parameter in the web.xml

I have defined a context-param (in this case an URL) inside the J2EE Applicatons web.xml. I am trying to output this URL as Link inside a JSP using the jstl (1.1) Taglibrary. The ...

10. How generate 'back to search results' url by JSTL or custom lib in a JSP with all parameters and specify exclude parameters?

I want to generate a 'back to search result' url in a JSP. I use JSTL taglib and it works:

<c:url var="backUrl" value="list.html">
    <c:forEach items="${param}" var="currentParam">

11. Method Parameters and JSTL

What is the "items" attribute syntax for a method with a parameter that returns a list using JSTL? For instance if I have a method

List<String> fName = null;
public List<String> FirstName(String firstName)

12. Calling a method with parameter inside JSTL loop

I have a JSP which needs to print some text which is produced by taking loop iterator and feeding it to another object (Spring bean), something like:

<c:forEach var="myVar" items="${myVars}">

13. Using JSTL "dynamic" parameter name

JSTL Code:

<c:forEach var = "currentUser" items = "${users}">
    <c:out value = "${currentUser.userName}" /></p>
    <c:if test = "${!empty param.${}}">

14. How to test a request parameter with value on a XML document

I have a little problem when I try to make a test to sort my data on a JSP page, it's a basic example with library core and XML. In page index.jsp ...

15. S2 - convert jstl to struts syntax (accessing url parameters)

17. JSTL parameters are not dereferenced

It looks to me as though you have EL parsing disabled in your application - this is why the container isn't evaluating the ${ ... } expression and resolving it to the variable value (instead it's treating it as a literal string). There are a couple of ways to ensure EL gets evaluated: (1) Make sure your web.xml deployment descriptor is ...

18. using JSTL and EL to get/set request parameters

Hi guys I am trying to set List as a request parameter in one JSP and then display the same list using EL on other JSP to which I am posting from the first JSP. The first JSP<%@ page buffer="8kb" autoFlush="false" import="java.util.*" contentType="text/html"%> <%@ taglib ...

19. jstl request parameter

21. call a method by passing parameter in jstl

hi i want to pass the variable as a parameter in a method. how can i do that. my code is look like this here i want to pass the variable selectedDate as a parameter in a method formateDropDwnDate . i already declare the getCurrentMonth and formateDropDwnDate these two ...

23. Hiding Parameters From The Address Bar

24. get parameters in jsp

25. problem with display of query parameters

30. NULL Value Of parameters

31. parameter processsing in jstl