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1. How to do a OR in a c:if statement in jsp

How do I properly declare a or statement i try this without success: <c:forEach var="route" items="${map.street}"> <c:if test="${route.value.type == 'road' || route.value.type == 'street'}">

2. How do I perform bitwise logic within JSTL if statements?

I have a need to perform a bitwise test within a JSP but can't for the life of me figure out how to do it with EL. I want to do something ...

3.  statement in jsp doesn't work properly

I have he statement in JSP as below:

     <% String fname = "abcd" %>

        <c:if test="${not empty fname}">

4. jsp choose statement

I have a header.jsp that I want to include in multiple pages. The header page has three links in it. I am using css to indicate to the user which page ...

5. JSTL presentation problem- if statement

I need to represent the columns based on the value of the fetched from an arraylist.

<c:forEach items="${row}" var="cell">
        <c:if test="${(cell != 'Read') || ...

6. Some dynamic flexibility in JSP If Else and Sessions

I'm a little mixed up on syntax with quotes (' vs. ") and all. I would really love to be able to test for a session attribute after another page set it. ...

7. JSTL if statement does not work

9. Code too large for try statement

Hi, I am using JDK 1.4.2_08 , and Weblogic 8.1 We have a JSP file that have 5 include files. I used <%@ include ..%> directive to include all the pages. I have given some conditions and added a few more cmponents. While pre-compiling the JSP pages with APPC I am getting the following error. [java] at weblogic.servlet.jsp.JspcInvoker.compile(JspcInvok [java] at ...