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1. converting strings to Title case in JSTL

Is there any way to convert a string to Title case, using JSTL tags? Thanks in Advance.

2. Evaluate list.contains string in JSTL

I need to hide an element if certain values are present in the JSP The values are stored in a List so I tried:

<c:if test="${  mylist.contains( myValue ) }">style='display:none;'</c:if>
But, it ...

3. Sending & in query String

From first.jsp I am sending some parameters to result.jsp as -

<a href="result.jsp?itemId=${itemId}&itemName=${item.itemName}&itemCode=${item.itemCode}')">Show Items</a>
Here ${item.itemName} can have values like "food & stationary". When item name contains an "&", I am not able ...

4. How can I concatenate a string within a loop in JSTL/JSP?

<c:forEach items="${myParams.items}" var="currentItem" varStatus="stat">
  <c:set var="myVar" value="<c:out var="myVar" />" />
I want to concatenate the values of currentItem.myVar and output it at the end of the loop, problem is I can't ...

5. How to convert an arbitrary object to String with EL + JSTL? (calling toString())

Is there any way to call toString() on an object with the EL and JSTL? (I need the String representation of an enum as index in a map in a JSP ...

6. Limit string length in FreeMarker

I'm trying to get a substring from a string in FreeMarker. However there are 2 thigns to consider:

  1. The string can be null
  2. The string can be shorter then the maximum string length
I do ...

7. Convert integer value to string using JSTL/EL

How do I correct this statement:

myHashtable is defined as
Hashtable<String, String>
But, ${} returns an int. I tried to do something like
But it does not work. Any other ideas, aside from changing the type ...

8. String Concatenation in EL

I would like to concatenate a string within a ternary operator in EL(Expression Language). Suppose there is a variable named value. If it's empty, I want to use some default text. Otherwise, ...

9. javax.el.PropertyNotFoundException: Property 'clientId' not found on type java.lang.String

I know this might be silly question and i tried googling but didnt got perfect answer. I am using following code

<c:forEach var="aggregatedBatchProgressMetrics" items="${batchProgressMetricsList}">  
    <jsp:include page="html/tableContentsDisplayer.jsp">  

10. Retrieve value from query string?

How to retrieve value from querystring using expression language. Regards, Raj

11. JSTL tags return null/empty in Javascript calls and HTML elements

This is a really confusing error, as it crops up in some of the webpages that I'm creating, but not in others, although syntactically the elements are identical. For example, this doesn't ...

12. How to uri encode a string in jsp?

if I have a string "output" that equals a url:

${output} = "/testing/method/"
in the jsp, how would I convert that string into:
<c:out value="${output}"/>
? I need to URLEncoder.encode(url) in the c:out somehow.

13. left open parenthesis messes up my string buffer

I got a string buffer which I then put into a bean and call on a webpage with JSTL. I want it to output something like 10/10/1987 (23 years). The first ...

14. c:forEach returning String instead of Object

I have a request scoped Struts 1 Action which contains a list of custom POJO objects from my application. Inside the action, I use request.setAttribute("myForm", myForm) to set the form value. ...

15. JSTL String concatenation - How can we achieve this?

In my JSP.. I am now accessing a session scoped variable using ${sessionScope.var1}, $sessionScope.var2}, but i want this 1,2 .. so on, in the var1, to be appended from jstl like ...

16. String concatenation in JSP EL, inside a function

How can I do a concatenation like this in EL

<c:out value="${r:urlEncode(game.index+'/?=')}" />
This doesn't work because it wants to add game.index and '/?=' as numbers, which would be rather silly. I've also tried ...

17. How to concatenate a String in a conditional operator in EL?

How do I get the promoPrice variable to print as part of the string ONLY $4.67?

<c:set var="promoPrice" value="4.67" />
<p>${(promoPrice != null) ? "ONLY $${promoPrice}" : "FREE"}</p>

18. The method replace(String, String, String) in the type Functions is not applicable for the arguments (StringBuffer, String, String)

Here is my jsp file:

<%@ page contentType="text/plain" %>
<%@ page pageEncoding="UTF-8"%><%@ taglib uri='' prefix='c'%>
<%@ taglib uri="" prefix="fn" %>
<c:out value="${fn:replace(pageContext.request.requestURL, pageContext.request.requestURI, '')}" /><c:out value="${model.uri}" />
I am getting the error
The method replace(String, String, String) ...

19. Access TreeMap entries by string key in JSTL

This is pretty similar to some other questions, but nobody else is working with string keys. So here we go. I've got a TreeMap with a set of category names, keyed by ...

20. How might I retrieve a JSTL tag from a string

I have a JSTL tag in the form of a string i.e. <c:import url="someurl"></c:import>. I want to convert this string to a JSTL tag in a JSP app. How ...

21. C:foreach returns String (Not Object) with JSP2.0

I am getting string objects instead of Person objects in my JSTL. Here is the code in my .tag file:

List<Person> perList=(List<Person>)pageContext.getAttribute("myVehicles");
 HashMap<String,> personRatingsMap=(HashMap<String,>)pageContext.getAttribute("personsMap"); rtg=null;
 int i=0;
 HashMap<String, Object> ...

22. UrlEncode the String

Possible Duplicate:
How to URL-encode a String with JSTL?
I am trying to url encode the string..
<c:out value="${filter.value.display}"/>
I tried this way
<%@ taglib prefix="encodeft" uri="" %>
<c:out value="${encodeft:URLEncoder.urlEncode(filter.value).display}"/> ...

23. How to check in JSTL whether object is String or Collection?

I'm using JSTL and want to check whether an object is a String or a Collection. fn:length returns results on both types (stringsize or number of elements in the collection).

<c:if test="${fn:length(item)>1}">

24. Accessing the contents of Map> in jsp using key value

I have a jsp page that receives a HashMap object of this type: Map<Long, Map<String, Object>>. An example of this map would be:
foo = {1 = {id=1, response="someText"}, 2={id=99, response="random"}}; I ...

25. How to encode string in JSTL or JSP

How to encode string in JSTL or JSP? ${itemTitle} contains quotes("), so IE is unable to parse and total page is broken.

28. jstl-c length of a string in c:if test

29. JSTL and basic String methods

30. JSTL - test for string equals()

31. Searching for string usign JSTL

Is it possible to search & replace line breaks using JSTL? I want to populate a JS array with code coming from the database, but there is some text which comes with line breaks within it. Is there any way to search for the line breaks and remove then, so the JS can read it all alright??

32. length of string - JSTL

33. JSTL EL convert Long to String

34. Convert int to String using jstl tags

36. JSTL -- converting string to integer

37. Way to reverse a string in JSTL ?

Firstly, I would do this in the page controller before the JSP is ever invoked. Failing that, I'd write an EL function or custom tag to do it. Failing that, it could probably be done using a combination of EL, JSTL and JSTL-provided EL functions, but it'd be such a mess that I wouldn't really consider doing it this way.

40. Java String to html var

41. problem in retriving string data using jsp

44. JSTL-EL: ServletException : Unable to convert to string "${foo}"

Hi, I have a JSP (web.xml is 2.3 DTD) that I have added my own tag to. The page unfortunately is full of scriplets and I need to pass a scriplet variable to my new tag. My tag is EL enabled (i.e. it uses the ExpressionEvaluationManager to process its args) so I have something like: <% MyTopicClass mytopic = (MyTopicClass); pageContext.setAttribute("topic", ...

45. Retrieve String in textarea

46. How to send a large string from client to server?

Hi All, I am trying to upload images to the server in the form of encoded Strings which could be as large as the size of the image. I am getting of the large size of String. Can someone let me know if theres an alternate way to send such large strings. Thanks, Venkat

47. Hot to convert string to int ????