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1. where is JSTL .tld file?

I've downloaded the jstl-1.1.2.jar from a Maven repository. I expected the .jar to contain the .tld file for the tags, but it doesn't. Does anyone know where I can find ...

2. Tag library versus scriptlets in JSP

What is the advantage (if there is one) of using a custom action instead of a scriptlet? For example, which is better in a performance context?

<c:if test="${param.Clear}">
  <font color="#ff0000" size="+2"><strong> 

3. JSTL, problems with TLD/DTDs

Hello, All! Im trying to use the tag c:import from the JSTL 1.0 EA2, but I always get the message "unknown element (tlibversion, jspversion,...)", what prevents my page to run. What can be wrong? Ive put the c.tld in my /WEB-INF directory, and the standard.jar and jstl.jar in /WEB-INF/lib I tried to redirect the dtd url in c.tld for myself machine, ...


5. Can't find JSTL 1.1 TLD's...Getting mad!

I am using IDEA and in order for the cool code completion of JSTL tags on my JSP pages, I need to point a resource at the appropriate TLD file. Find and danday. Problem is I can't find the freakin tld files for jstl 1.1 anywhere. I went to Sun's site to see if I could find them. I already have ...

6. JSTL.tld file

7. Where to Download JSTL TLD files

8. Clarification on JSTL 1.1 TLD files

Hi, My Current project runs on WebSphere 6.0.x. It is IBM JDK 1.4.2 complaint. We are trying to migrate to JSTL 1.1 from JSTL 1.0. --I have downloaded the jstl.jar and standard.jar files specific to JSTL 1.1 and put under WEB-INF/lib directory. --WEB-INF folder has fmt.tld,core.tld,x.tld which are JSTL 1.0 complaint. --Most of the JSP files in our project has the ...

10. jstl tld libs

To my joy I placed the jstl1.2 jar in my lib folder, specified the declarations at the top of my jsp pages and everything worked wonderfully. However I was wondering is it possible to get the tld files and store them locally as opposed to referencing some url. That way if the sun site goes down my web app wont

11. Help with TLD template

12. undefine attribute name in this TLD

13. Blx.tld required