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I want to be able to show some data based on criteria the user enters in a text field. I can easily take this data, process the form post, and ...

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in a page JSP y get by JSTL a var ModelAndView in "${model} in this page I use JAVASCRIPT to update a DIV with ajax.updater, the code here:

document.getElementById("idFa").value=image.title; var frm2="${model}"; var dataString = 'mail=acevallo@hotmail.com&idFar=' ...

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Hello all, After looking through the forums, I've yet to discover a post which illustrates my problem. I keep getting null values when using request.getParameter() to get fields from a form passed to a JSP page using POST. I've created a form which will feed into a JDBC function on the target page. The page this originates from uses one Ajax ...

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Hi i'm new to Ajax.., i want to generate Dynamic combo box. i did it in JSP using onchange event but that full page is loading for each event so my Team Leader advice me to use Ajax. in the form i load state in combo box1 default. Now i need to use of this value i need to change 2nd ...

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I'm doing web which have a table display from database . In this case , I suppose have two field . id and name . I display in a web page , then insert in my database . And then refresh web page . I want use ajax to do it . Any way ?? Thanks !! Sorry about my English ...

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