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1. JSTL Printing arrayList elements

I have a JSP page that receives an ArrayList of event objects, each event object contains an ArrayList of dates. I am iterating through the event objects with the following: ...

2. Add values to arraylist use JSTL

is it possible to add values to an ArrayList instead of using a HashMap something like:

<jsp:useBean id="animalList" class="java.util.ArrayList" />

<c:set target="${animalList}" value="Sylvester"/>

<c:set target="${animalList}" value="Goofy"/>

<c:set target="${animalList}" value="Mickey"/>

<c:forEach items="${animalList}" var="animal">


now getting the error:
javax.servlet.jsp.JspTagException: Invalid property ...

3. How to iterate an Arraylist inside a HashMap using jstl?

I am having map like this,

Map<Integer,ArrayList<Object>> myMap = new LinkedHashMap<Integer,ArrayList<Object>>();
Now i have to iterate this Map and then the ArrayList inside the map. How can i do this using jstl.

4. how to iterate a arraylist of object

Dear all, i m using dao design pattern in which i m returning a arraylist object ,inside object ...

5. issue of JSTL forEach iterate from arrayList

In my code, I have used ArrayList which stores the number format like '$0.00 to $1,000,000.00' in each index of array list. while iterate in JSP through <c:forEach> tag, its values ...

6. How to Access ArrayList in JSP page?

I am having ArrayList in DAO class contains all cutomer name details. In a JSP page I am using session scope like below:

  <c:set var="CustomerData" 

7. how to read arrayList content using JSTL

I want to read the arrayList objects Attributes that is assigned to request object from JSTL how can I do this? i tryed the following here is the servlet code:

ArrayList<Employee> al = new ArrayList<Employee>();
/* ...

8. Passing an ArrayList from a Servlet to JSP

my model returns an arraylist of strings to servlet in the form

ArrayList<String> currentCustomer = model.getAllCustomers();
i want to pass this arraylist from the servlet to the jsp page. how do i do ...

9. Converting an ArrayList to an HTML table

I have a couple of ArrayLists with variable length and sometimes null. This ArrayList contains a bunch of objects. The table should have columns based on (some) attributes of the object. ...

10. Displaying an ArrayList on a JSP Page via JSTL

Can someone please help me figure out what I'm doing wrong? I have a class with a method that returns an ArrayList and I can't get it to display on my ...

11. How to add values to an ArrayList referenced by jsp:useBean?

In JSP/JSTL, how can I set values for a usebean of class="java.util.ArrayList". If I try using c:set property or value, I get the following error: javax.servlet.jsp.JspTagException: Invalid property in : "null"

12. Iterating over ArrayList in .jsp (MVC2 compliant)

I'm writing a web app that uses a servlet to maintain an ArrayList of VideoData objects (these just contain basic information about movies like the title, type of movie, etc). The servlet ...

13. create Dynamic table on jsp for items in arraylist

In my spring web application I have arraylist in model attribute which I want to show in table format in JSP. I need to arrange the list items in the two ...

14. Two dimensional arraylist with c:foreach jstl tag

I'm using a two dimension arraylist in two imbricated JSTL <c:forEach>:

<select multiple size="30">
    <c:forEach var="uri" items="${defaultResult}" varStatus="iterator">
        <c:forEach var="cate" items="${defaultResult[iterator.index]}">

15. displaying arraylist of type bean using jstl in jsp

I am new to JSTL. I need to get the content of database and display it in jsp. I am using mvc for this purpose. I have servlet which retrives data ...

16. How to access List<> using c:forEach?

In my 1st servlet where i generate List is as follows

List<Image> imageId = imageDAO.listNames(image);

request.setAttribute("imageId", imageId);

//Redirect it to home page
request.getRequestDispatcher("/webplugin/jsp/profile/photos.jsp").forward(request, response);
which gets list of imageId to be displayed in JSP with help ...

17. JSTL tag for accessing an arraylist so that it can be filled in a list box

I have seen two questions relating to my topic on stackoverflow, but those answers did not work for me, hence this question. I have the following object

public class CartProduct {
private ArrayList<String> ...

18. JSP Table with multiple ArrayLists/linkedHashmaps

I'm not sure if I'm approaching this right, but here's what I want to do. Print a LinkedHashMap and an ArrayList (and eventually more of these) into a table in a ...

19. Get the Object Index From ArrayList with JSTL

Is it possible to get the "row" index from an arraylist using JSTL?

<c:forEach items="${searchResults}" var="contact">
<div style="padding: 5px;">
${contact.firstName} ${contact.lastName}
My intention is to set a hyperlink that contains each items ID on each ...

20. how to use contains function with arraylist in jstl tags

22. Display ArrayList size using JSTL?

Bear, Thanks for your input. I am using JSP 1.0 and JSTL 1.1, but I have decided to generate another request attribute containing an Interger object, which will have the number I'm looking to display. I did not know JSTL functions existed until you mentioned them. The book I have "JSTL IN ACTION", does not mention JSTL fucntions. Thanks for the ...

24. JSTL forEach for ArrayList question

25. JSTL arraylist of strings

26. Display ArrayList of objects without jstl?

Hi, This example should show you the difference between using and not using JSTL: <%@ page language="java" import="java.util.*" pageEncoding="UTF-8"%> <%@ taglib prefix="c" uri=""%> ArrayList Without and Without JSTL <%-- Declare an arraylist and set it as an attribute to the implicit object "session" --%> <% ArrayList myToys = new ArrayList(); ...

27. how to use arraylist in jstl

28. jstl ArrayList from session

29. For Each ArrayList of Object in JSTL

30. How to convert Java ArrayList code to JSTL

Thanks for reply 1. ok i am using for each. I need how to assign the list value into JSTL varriable. for example. the arraylist values alist=[90,administrator,admin,,99,administrator1,admin1,] I need this output in HTML Dept Code : 90 Deptname : administrator Dept Manager: admin Deptmail : Dept Code : 99 Deptname : administrator1 Dept Manager: admin1 Deptmail : I am ...

31. Error in printing arraylist using jstl

33. jstl, ArrayLists and object instances?

35. display a arraylist value in JSP using JSTL

I am a new bie in JSTL me trying to display some values in JSP. Can anyone help me regarding this. I want to display an arraylist values which are in the form of an value object. How can i display the values in jsp? while ( { int sNo = rs.getInt(1); String title = rs.getString(2); String author = rs.getString(3); System.out.println("S.No ...

36. Issue with ArrayList and JSTL

37. ArrayList size using JSTL

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42. To display arraylist values in jsp

43. printing arraylists in an table

45. How to send object arraylist from servlet to jsp and display using jstl

He asked in topic subject and halfway in message how to do it using JSTL. He probably added the abovequoted question for the case it's not possible using JSTL. The only way without JSTL is using raw Java code (scriptlets) or another taglibs (JSF/Struts/Displaytag/etc) or homegrown taglibs. The use of scriptlets is discouraged since a decade, so I wouldn't even think ...