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1. test attribute in JSTL tag

I saw some code like the following in a JSP

<c:if test="<%=request.isUserInRole(RoleEnum.USER.getCode())%>">
My confusion is over the "=" that appears in the value of the test attribute. My understanding ...

2. How to know if a jsp tag attribute is available for EL?

I have the following piece of code in my jsp :

<% pageContext.setAttribute("warnings",Globals.WARNING_MESSAGES); %>
    <c:when test="${requestScope[pageScope.warnings] or sessionScope[pageScope.warnings]}">
     <html:errors header="warnings.header" footer="warnings.footer" prefix="warnings.prefix" suffix="warnings.suffix"/>

3. How can i check if an attribute exists with jstl?


<c:if test="${post}">

4. JSTL if-statement inside HTML-attribute

is it possible to do something like this in JSTL:

<div class="firstclass<c:if test='true'> someclass</c:if>">
   <p>some other stuff...</p>
Is there any way to get this to work, or is there a better ...

5. Checking attribute exists in JSP

I have some classes which extends a superclass, and in the JSP I want to show some attributes of these classes. I only want to make one JSP, but I don't ...

6. how to set session attribute from a hidden field?

is it possible to set a session attribute using JSTL from a hidden input in the jsp page?

7. which scope (application, servletContext, httpSession) will EL use for interpreting attributes

when I use <c:out value="${track}"> in a jsp, where should the attribute track be located in (servletContext, httpSession and request)? I tried to have a controller to set the attribute track to ...

8. How to obtain request attribute in JSP using EL?

I know this isn't hard, but I'm not having any luck. I want to make fooList from a Servlet available in a JSP. So in the Servlet I have:

request.setAttribute("list", fooList);
RequestDispatcher dispatcher ...

9. jstl forToken with Nested HashMap in request Attribute

I have a HashMap (hshFields) of HashMaps (ecd_date, owned_by, etc..) with keys (label, size, etc..that I access as such:

<c:out value="${hshFields.ecd_date.label}" />
<c:out value="${hshFields.owned_by.label}" />
<c:out value="${hshFields.fnd_source.label}" />
(note: I must use JSTL and not ...

10. Accessing a JSP tag's attribute in JSTL

How do I access a JSP tag's attribute value within a JSTL tag? In the code below, I would like to access the url attribute and test if it's empty. ...

11. Can you put a tag inside the `value` attribute of a tag?

I want to output the value of the xzy variable into the value of the abc variable.

<c:set var="abc" value="<c:out value="${xyz}"/>"/>
I'm getting an error (unterminated <c:set> tag) when I do this. How do ...

12. Passing non-string attribute to custom JSTL tag

is it possible to create a custom JSTL tag that accepts a non-string attribute? I would like to create a tag that would be handle pagination using PagedListHolder from Spring MVC.

<%@tag body-content="scriptless" ...

13. Can we have an optional atrribute in a jstl tag depending upon another attribute?

Earlier we had a tag ifRole such that

<op:ifRole role="role1">
   <li id="menu3SubMenu4">This will be shown only to the user with role1</li>
In this tag we had one required field role and ...

14. Can jstl check if attribute has been added to the model?

Is it possible to check if an attribute has been added to the model?

//in the controller teh variable is not always added
model.addAttribute("variable", myVariable);
and in the jsp something like this

15. JSP - The default attribute doesn't work?

I'm having trouble with the default attribute of the JSP/JSTL tag . The value given for the default-attribute is not displayed.

<% @ taglib prefix="c" uri=""%>

<c:out value='value' default="defaultValue"/> 
=> Displays value
<c:out ...

16. How to get the forward information in JSTL / EL, being an attribute containing a dot

This question shows that when forwarding, the information in the request object is updated to reflect the new file. So for example, when:

user requests "/abc" -> servlet is ...

17. Access Session attribute on jstl

i am trying to access a session attribute from a jsp page which is set and dispatched by servlet, but getting the error message "jsp:attribute must be the subelement of a ...

18. How to access at request attributes in JSP?

Currently I use:

final String message = (String) request.getAttribute ("Error_Message");
and then
<%= message %>
However I wonder if the same can be done with EL or JSTL instead of using a scriptlet.

19. Making Text Field Disabled attribute dynamic with JSTL

I have a struts input text field, and I want the disabled attribute to change based on a dynamic value. This is not working:

<html:text property="startDate" maxlength="14" disabled='<c:out value="${bbsInfoModel.waitMode}"/>' />
When I just use ...

20. How to append loop index of c:forEach tag to Struts HTML tag attributes?

How can I append the loop index of a c:forEach tag to the attributes of a struts select/text tag? For example.

<%@ taglib uri="/WEB-INF/tld/struts-html.tld" prefix="html"%>

<c:forEach begin="2" end="${pageView.guestCount}" varStatus="gC">
    <div class="section ...

21. JSTL error: unexpected attribute `end' in

I am having troubles. It seems the only supported attributes for <x:forEach> are var, select and jsfc. However I am seeing other people using tags such as begin, end, and step. ...

22. How to access a session attribute using a dynamic name?

This is a very simplified example of the problem I'm having trying to reference a session bean by constructing the name of the attribute dynamically using JSTL/EL. The name of the ...

23. How to get an item from the String[] attribute in JSTL/JSP tag

In plain JSP I can get first item by EL ${form.items[0]}, but in a JSP tag the same expression throws the following exception:

javax.el.PropertyNotFoundException: Could not find property 0 in ...

24. JSP/Servlet Attribute Validation

Is there a way to validate request attributes passed from Servlet to JSP? For example, in my Servlet I do something like this:

public void doGet(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response) throws ServletException, IOException {

25. Checking Request Attribute in JSP

I am trying to check a request attribute in a jsp to show/hide certain html.

request.setAttribute("submitted", "true");
<c:if test="${submitted == 'false'}">
  // some html
But no matter what value I set in the ...

26. Rel attribute in JSTL or displaytag

I'm using displaytah to display some users information. In one of the columns I need to have links to users complete details. The problem is that i need to use rel attribute ...

27. c:out nested inside element attribute

Is nesting a c:out JSTL tag inside an element attribute a good practice or is using the var attribute of c:out generally preferred? It seems to work either way, but ...

28. How to get session attribute with a dynamic key in EL?

If I set session like this:

session.setAttribute("taintedAttribute", "what ever we want");
normally we can get session variable like this in EL
${sessionScope.taintedAttribute }
But how about if I want to do like this
String ...

29. JSTL variable attribute for tiles:getAsString

2007/8/29, Adam Hardy <[hidden email]>: > > However it doesn't > really give much of an idea of what you mean. A 'hint'? Presumably this > means > that your code checks whether this attribute is null before executing an > algorithm to establish what exactly the put-attribute is defining? I will try to clarify it with an example. Suppose that ...

30. Attribute Names and JSTL?

I am by no means a JSTL expert, but I have been reading up on it extensively. My concern is with the expression language. Suppose I have a shopping cart object (to borrow an example from Shawn Bayern's JSTL In Action) stored in the user's session as an attribute named "shoppingCart". I could access that object via the following expression... ${sessionScope.shoppingCart} ...

32. JSTL and removal of id attribute

33. JSTL Tag File Attribute problem

34. jstl simple equals on attribute

Hello there, I'm quite new with jstl and I've alredy made a search. A jsp page expects to receive a parameter or an attribute (called "id"), it uses that to retrieve an object from an ArrayList which should find a match with a same attribute name. At the moment I understood how do that passing the parameter <%@taglib uri="" prefix="c"%> <%@taglib ...

35. JSTL, indirection of attributes

36. Why $ in jstl core tag attributes?

38. How to Set HashMap in request attribute using JSTL Tag

Why bother? Since you're hard-coding the values into the JSP to being with, why not just use those values directly in the HTML rather than going through the overhead of the Map? You're introducing a lot of complexity that isn't necessary. If this is just an example and the values are not hard-coded, why isn't this being done in the controller? ...

39. JSP tags (JSTL) and request Attributes

42. Problem with Attribute in JSP

44. Undefined attribute name

45. Request attribute PageBean = null