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1. JSTL, Beans, and method calls

I'm working on a JSP where I need to call methods on object that come from a Bean. The previous version of the page does not use JSTL and it works ...

2. jstl/jsp - iterating over a vector of beans

I have a vector of beans that holds information I want to display in my jsp page. I'm currently just using standard java expressions to display this, I want to look ...

3. How to access bean attribute in JSP?

How can we access the bean attribute in JSP?
I tried

<core:forEach var="header" items="${command.headerList}" >
<td><core:out value="${header.columnName}"/></td>
where headerList is the list of myBean which is having the attribute columnName [ getter / setter ...

4. Sending parameter with JSP bean accessor

I have a bean called EmployeeRoster:

public class EmployeeRoster {
  protected List<Employee> janitors;
  protected List<Employee> teachers;
In JSP, I want to access the different lists of Employees by type. I know ...

5. java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.apache.struts.taglib.bean.CookieTei

i am finding java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.apache.struts.taglib.bean.CookieTei. i have already struts2-core-, struts2-json-plugin- on my classpath.

6. Issue Retrieving values from a TreeMap of in JSP

I have been have issues trying to retrieve the values from a treeMap that contains for some time. I have tried several different methods of accessing the data, but ...

7. how to update div id based on bean value in jsp using jstl

how to update div id based on bean value in jsp. I will pass listArray from bean. first i will check how many elements presented in ...

8. How to call a method which populates bean, When I press a anchor tag with help of c:url

I have a JSP page (home page) in a Web App, which has different anchor tags (like home, video, pictures, profile etc) for navigation in a Web App. For, anchor tags I ...

9. Evaluate JSTL from a session bean

I've got a servlet providing a JSP and I'm trying to output custom tags from a string from my session bean. The custom tags get printed out without being evaluated. If ...

10.  tag for limiting the size of returned string

I am using following tag for showing comments on jsp, now I want to show only first 10 character of comments... Example: "This is very urgent please provide details" Then is ther any ...

11. JSTL Bean vs EL

12. value of boolean set in bean in jstl

13. beans in JSTL ?

17. Populate bean for use with JSTL

Originally posted by Timothy Sam: Ok... Here's the idea... I have a JSP page that has a drop down menu... Or a Drop down listbox if that's what to call it... I want the listbox populated from my database and usually... I would use a DAO, put the results in a Vector, and loop through that Vector and put each element ...

18. JSTL create bean

19. how to use beans in jstl

One problem I can see is the name the attribute gets set under: SDFISearchResponseVO.class.getName() Presuming this is in a package, the attribute would be stored in session under the name "com.package.SDFISearchResponseVO" Long and unwieldy to say the least. Also accessing names with dots in them isn't so straight-forward. It would probably have to be something like I would ...

20. Bean generating non-html (JSTL) tags

22. bean and jstl question

This question has been edited for easier reading. following code I have taken from an example we are using bean instead of putting logic in the jsp page. But, we should first create the 'player ' bean with all the attributes and getter ...

23. Instantiate bean using JSTL

24. JSTL+Servlet+beans

No saperate...these are my codes package ims; import java.sql.*; public class Database1 { final String server="localhost:3306"; final String user="root"; final String password="miriyala"; final String database="NEWIMS"; public Connection con=null; public ResultSet rs=null; public Statement stmt=null; public Database1() { try{ Class.forName("com.mysql.jdbc.Driver"); con=DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:mysql://"+server+"/"+database,user,password); stmt=con.createStatement(); } catch(Exception ex) { System.out.println(ex.toString()); } } public void executeUp(String query) throws Exception { stmt.executeUpdate(query); con.close(); } } and ...

25. calling a bean function using jstl

Hi i m calling a bean function and getting the error The function ast must be used with a prefix when a default namespace is not specified I m using using glassfish v2.1 I have the bean package newa; public class CounterBean { int count; String name = "Testing this"; public void setName(String name) { = name; } public String ...

26. Way to pass parameters to a bean in JSTL?

Hi, I'm wondering if the only answer here is for me to write a tag library but I wanted to float this to the group. I'm trying to convert scriptlets to JSTL. I have this scriptlet ... <%= appInterface.getResultColumnAsString(i, "name") %> "appInterface" is a bean I define earlier on my page. Is there a way I can rewrite the above in ...

27. guestbook, looping, beans and JSTL

29. Need advice on JSP with bean

30. Create Bean from another Bean

35. bean declared on a page as scope session not seen on other jsp pages

hi, i am trying to declare a bean that I can use to retrieve values from its propertes like //firstPage.jsp when i try to access a property of this bean from another page, it gives an error and it says the bean does not exist //secondPage.jsp also tried to declare on the first ...

36. To pass bean property values to a javascript function and generate dojo datagrid.

Hi, I want to create dojo datagrid, for that I need to pass column information to dojo datagrid. I have a jsp page which gets the column data in a arraylist which contains the bean objects. i.e. List filterImages contains --> bean1 - [name1, age1, hiredate1] bean2 - [name2, age2, hiredate2] bean3 - [name3, age3, hiredate3] I am currently using ...

37. How to use var from bean in function?

38. Vector in jsp from bean