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1. How can I replace newline characters using JSP and JSTL?

I have a list of bean objects passed into my JSP page, and one of them is a comment field. This field may contain newlines, and I want to replace them ...

2. JSTL where the element name contains a space character

I have an array of values being made available, but unfortunately some of the variable names include a space. I cannot work out how to simply output these in the ...

3. How to Escape Character in EL with JSTL tag?

I have this JSP code snippet:

<%@ taglib uri="" prefix="c"%>

  <c:when test="${[\"Item Type\"] eq \"Animal's Part\"}">
    <c:set var="cssClassName" value="animalpart" />
    <c:set ...

4. '#' character before EL expression used inside a JSTL tag behaves strangely

I have the following code to set a userId variable: (userId set in prior code)

<c:set var="userId" value="(Cust#${userId})" />
Which produces the following string: (Cust#${userId}) The following code works as expected, however:
<c:set var="userId" value="(Cust# ${userId})" ...

5. Getting wrong characters in parameter

In files.jsp I am using following anchor and JSTL c:url combination -

<c:url value="downloadfile.jsp" var="dwnUrl" scope="request">
  <c:param name="fileType" value="PDF"/>
  <c:param name="fileId" value="${file.fileId}"/>
  <c:param name="fileName" value="${file.fileName}"/>
<a href="${dwnUrl}">Download</a>
On downloadfile.jsp ...

6. How to pass Special characters to JavaScript in JSP..?

i know that there is an function Escape() in javascript, escapeXml in JSTL, i used several ways for solving this thing but didnt get the solution. The problem is .. the ...

7. How can I loop through each character in a String using JSTL?

How can I loop through each character in a String using JSTL?

8. JSTL escaping special characters

I have this weird issue with special characters. In JSP, I am using field name as id and the name can be anything like

id="&amp;lt;1 and &amp;&gt;2" (OR)
id="aaa &amp; bbb"
I don't have any ...

9. xtag issue with special characters

I'm using x tag to parse through an xml that has special characters such as é Here is my xml

<data title="thé"/>
here is the xtag that prints out the output
<x:out select="@title" />
the ...

10. Escape JSP EL using JSTL tags (dot character)

Some frameworks (Spring, Tomcat itself) add servlet request attributes that cannot be used within an EL expression by default. An example would be

javax.servlet.forward.context_path = /myWebapp
So, to get the value using JSTL ...

11. JSTL replace character in variable with HTML tag

I've got a variable in JSTL and would like to replace all commas with

<c:set var="colTxt" value="${fn:replace(colTxt,',','<br />')}" />
This however shows the error:
The value of attribute 'value' associated ...

12. escaping HTML characters while using JSTL on custom tags

I am using custom tags and JSTL in my application. Below is the syntax which i am using it in JSP page.

<%@taglib uri="/tags/standard/relatedAssetTag" prefix="RelatedAsset" %>
In the custom tag function, the code ...

13. JSTL: 2 questions: no string concenating? no escaping characters?

Hi, first a 3x thank you for Shawn Bayern: 1. JSTL is very clear and easy to use 2. Your book is very clear and easy to use (I think even for pure dhtml-designers) 3. JSTL really speeds me up I have 2 questions: 1. There is no String concenating in JSTL? When I try something like:

17. Passing the JSTL variable (with special characters) to JavaScript function?

I presume that what you want to generate is something like this: onclick="click(8,'low', 'TEMP (C) <= 120');" When I mentioned the backslash(\), I mean that the backslash needs to be used within a javascript string so that you can include a quote. otherwise the quote would terminate the string. So if you wanted the string 'Bob's Place', it would have to ...

19. Problem with '/' character in HTML and JSP

21. japanese character in jsp page

HI all, i had a problem i'm using struts2 ,tomcat6,mysql 'version', '5.2.3-falcon-alpha-community-nt' java 1.6.0_04 in the jsp pages there is username and password field as the user enter the japanese character it has check with db's table and show all the user (that is the list of values in table in next page)all as in japanes characters . i used page ...

22. Spliting a string (45 Characters)

23. Broken korean characters Urgent help needed!

Hi, I am working on Java APIs, where I am using jsps for front end. The data that I am displaying is coming from the SAP backend and is korean. But when I display the returned value, it shows up as broken korean characters rather than korean character. The problem gets solved if I go to the view - encoding - ...