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1. How to show a group of 3 elements of a collection using JSTL in JSP?

I have a list of n elements that I want to output in a group of 3. The size of the collection can vary a lot, but the output must be ...

2. Make a list item of specific index bold with JSTL

I have an ordered list of names, and I need to make the third item on the list bold. Only the third item should be bold. After that it should return ...

3. JSTL and Collections

Thanks for the recommendation! The issue here is between scripting variables and scoped attributes, which we call "scoped variables" in JSTL. The JSTL EL doesn't give you access to scripting variables, so if you create a variable in a scriptlet, you need to expose it either with or with code like <% pageContext.setAttribute("foo", foo); %> Hope that helps!

4. JSTL and collections

sure you can loop through a selection using JSTL. For example, I'm using the following code in an app I'm working on:

5. JSTL and collection manipulations

Sorry to post such a basic question, but have been searching everywhere and can't find anything. I have a tag that is grabbing a collection, and setting as a variable on the page. I can correctly use c:forEach to iterate through the elements like this: Is it ...

6. JSTL collections

7. Collection.contains() in JSTL