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1. JSTL: check if property doesn't exist

I'm getting blocked on a jsp page and our 1 java engineer isn't able to help now. There is a template called "module-review.jsp" that is loaded in 2 instances, via a ...

2. JSTL c:set condition

Need your help figuring this thing out.
Scenario: On my JSP, I am trying to print

<b>Season 1: ${season}</b>

<b>Season 2: ${season}</b>
this prints fine the first time (Both seasons print as "winter" initially). Now I ...

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8. JSTL eq condition

Hello, I have a dropdown which is being populated from an arraylist using JSTL. There is an onchange event on this dropdown, which submits the form to the server and returns the results. Everything works fine, except for: * When the page refreshs after onchange even triggers form submission, There drop down value isnt restored. It basically defaults to the top ...

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