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1. how to populate data in drop-down box    java-forums.org

I want to fetch data from mysql and populate in dropdown box. I used JSTL in jsp. I want to fetch name from User table and populate in firstName Listbox in jsp My code is select user_id,name from User;

2. drop-down    java-forums.org

I have a web application with two drop-down and trying to populate a drop-down depends on what is selected from another drop-down. For example, I have a state and a city drop down if the user selected Missouri, I need for the city drop down to populate all the cities for Missouri. I am using javascript to do this, so I ...

3. Drag and drop    java-forums.org

Hai all, I have a page with two divisons left and right .on left i have a set of components let it be like a,b, c ,c,d etc. i click on a component and place it on right frame. again i click another component and place it on right. i want to relate these two components using an arrow or any ...