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I have a JSP file which creates an Excel document. I want to dynamically set the name of the file to be downloaded. This is how I set the file name to "test.xsl":

<% ...

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Running into an issue where we are generating a list of bank accounts and for each row a link is being generated to allow the user to manage that account. This is all scriptlet code. Now the site is being localized (spanish). Hence the display label for each of these links will need to displayed in a different language depending on ...

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hi. i have used jfree charts for dynamically plotting a line chart on a web page but i need the the line chart to be plotted in x,-y co-ordinates instead of the x,y co-ordinates and jfree charts does not provide those kind of graphs, is there any other way i could get my output?

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hey... i have a problem..I am working on a problem management system..my code for a particular jsp page is as follows in this page i want to show the admin the already present records in the table named problem..and a submit solution button besides every row..whenever the admin clicks on the submit button that particular row should be deleted from this ...

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Hello everyone, I've made a client web project, which is working using Tomcat server that, in turn, connects to a server that wait socket connections in a port. If I start eclipse and tomcat and run the server side, I can access the application using any browser by internet. I've also exported the project as .war archive file. Basically, what I ...

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i m having a list box whose parameters are generated dynamically.. when the user selects the parameter a input data form will be generated..user enters the values and values submitted to database.. now when the user again selects the same parameter i want to display information of that parameter (not editable) insted of displaying the input form.. so how to get ...

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