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The "powers that be" may also not allow a direct reference to sun for the tlds, so we'd have to actually place them in our WEB-INF folder (which is fine). If we do this, do we have to update the web.xml with references to them or is that no longer necessary with this version?

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Hello This is probably a stupid question.. I'm stuck. I have a cookie which I can show using a packaged java function. When I try to show it with EL, I only see ${cookie.mxsesid.value} instead of the real value of the cookie. Any ideas what might be missing? Cheers Keimo The output of test.jsp: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- get cookie with a package function:0000000000159040000201101261447400007855900278432 ...

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Hi there, I am facing a problem calling a java method using EL. i have a TLD that has a function block. the structure of my tld goes like this testme . . . . xyz ... boolean abc(java.util.Map map) the jsp has the following syntax <%@ taglib uri="testme " prefix="me"%> method call in jsp : ...

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Wondering how I can get this done. I have a class ShoppingCartItem which has a variable called 'Object item' and inside of the ShoppingCart I have a hashmap of ShoppingCartItems called items. inside my servlet I setup a session attribute called cart which is a shopping cart. inside my jsp I am trying to do this ${item.quantity} // ...