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1. JSTL forEach reverse order

Using JSTL's forEach tag, is it possible to iterate in reverse order?

2. ForEach and Facelets

My managed bean :

public List<String> getLiQuickNav(){

 System.out.println("I'm here...");

 List<String> l = new ArrayList<String>();
 return l;
My forEach :
<c:forEach var="categorie" items="#{mainControleur.liQuickNav}">
 <h:outputLabel value="${categorie}"/>
My output ...

3. JSTL for each problem

I have a for each loop that it works fine when the items property is filled using an scriplet in the following way:

    List<LandingCategory> cats = beanFactory.getLandingCategories();

<c:forEach var="cat" ...

4. JSTL foreach and intellisense

With a code like this:

<c:forEach items="${customers}" var="customer">
IntelliJ Idea is able to infer that the type of the "customer" variable in the ForEach loop is of the class ...

5. Is the "c" prefix required in JSTL ?

I am studying JSTL part of JSP, I have a question about the <c:forEach> loop tag. Is that c prefix required? Does it indicate any specification?

6. Use with HashMap

I have a java class that sets an servlet attribute to a HashMap object:

request.setAttribute("types", da.getSecurityTypes());
where request is an HttpServletRequest Object, and da.getSecurityTypes() returns a HashMap Object. Is there a way to go ...

7. jstl foreach omit an element in last record

trying to use this jstl to formulate a json string, how can i make the segment not to put a comma in the end of the last record? note the comma ...

9. How to group rows with duplicate column properties in a JSTL c:forEach

I am programming in Java and I have a list of objects I'd like to iterate in JSTL to check if other elements have some similarity with current one. And I'd ...

10. Help JSTL foreach

If I have a class with an

ArrayList<Person> names
in it. How do I implement a foreach in a jsp?
<c:foreach var="item" items="${what goes here??}"> ${item.title}  </c:foreach>

11. JSTL foreach on result set

Hey friends, i want to know that, Is there any way to apply <c:foreach> on a resultset object. If yes ,than please give me an idea , how can we do ...

12. JSTL foreach Help

Is there a way to write this Java code as pure JSTL?

    for(int g = 0; g < eval.getCriterionGroupCount(); g++{

13. JSTL continue, break inside foreach

I want to insert "continue" inside foreach in JSTL. Please let me know if there is a way to achieve this.



14. How to create a
grid using JSTL ?

I am trying to create a grid using JSTL <c:forEach>.

<c:forEach var="user" items="${userList}" step="1" begin="0">
    <div id="col1">
        <a href="#">${user.userName}</a>

16. Getting JSTL forEach to work

Hey, all! I am starting to play around with the JSTL but have run into a problem on my first attempt. I can't figure out if I am setting a var improperly or trying to display the wrong thing. Code snippets from my JSP are below. This is not the whole thing and depends on a CSS anyway. <%@ taglib prefix="c" ...

17. jstl: go backwards on foreach?

18. JSTL forEach

20. JSTL + forEach + Map problem

21. JSTL forEach

22. jstl + forEach + x number of items per row

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23. jstl c:forEach

24. JSTL forEach

25. <c:forEach> JSTL

I have a data structure as follows: HashSet hsAssessmentInfo = new HashSet(); List assessments = AssessmentBO.getByTemplateId(Long.parseLong(request.getParameter("templateId"))); Iterator assessmentIt = assessments.iterator(); while(assessmentIt.hasNext()) { List assessmentInfo = new ArrayList(); Assessment assessment = (Assessment); List assessorList = BpsHelper.getAssessorsForAssessment(request.getSession().getServletContext().getInitParameter("bpsServiceUrl"),assessment.getComp_id().getAssessmentId().longValue()); logger.debug("assessor is " + assessorList.get(0)); assessmentInfo.add(assessment); assessmentInfo.add(assessorList); hsAssessmentInfo.add(assessmentInfo); } For the code above, is it possible using JSTL to get information from the assessment object to ...

26. JSTL forEach doesn't seem to work

27. Tutorial For JSTL That Should Work

28. ???

Well what I see, though I am exposing myself to counter-claim, is trying to do real application programming in what is supposed to be a server-side include language. Maybe very do-able, maybe I am wrong ..... but that is what I see. There is a syntax very close to what you have that will do what you say, but server-side includes,... ...

29. JSTL forEach Query