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1. Checkbox values and useBean tag

I'm a jstl newbie so probably this question will sound to you funny. Anyway, I have a model with a List as property and I'd like to fill this with a ...

2. how to submit a form without losing values already selected at the same form

I am using jstl with dropdown lists. When i click submit button i success the specification but values int dropdownlists are reinitialized. So I want to submit form without loosing the values already ...

3. submit form and keeping values setting

I want to know if there is a way to submit a form but at the same time keep the values selected and edited(without reset). Thanks.

4. Set request attributes when a Form is POSTed

Is there any way to set request attributes (not parameters) when a form is posted? The problem I am trying to solve is: I have a JSP page displaying some data in ...

5. Post parameters in two forms when onchange happens in one of them

I have dropdown lists in two forms in a single .jsp. I would like the change of any of the lists to trigger a post back to the .jsp itself with ...

6. Expire the page after submission

I'm implementing an iAuth form for a credit application in a J2EE container (JSTL+JSP+Stripes). The vendor states in the implementation guide:

Expire the “Questions” page after answers submission ...

7. struts form and JSTL

How to access a form variable using JSTL ? e.g.

<html:text property="abc" ... />

<c:out value="${abc}"/>
abc is always blank, even though I have value set by action sending to this page.

8. JSTL/JSP dynamic form page state

Working on a large Web app, I have houndresds of JSPs. Each JSP includes (ONLY) a set of internal tags, for instance:

<AAA:INPUT value="bbb" state="<%=getPageState()"/>
This tag is rendered into an HTML input field, ...

9. Replicating parts of html forms dynamically

I have the following UI scenario. There are two levels of selections presented to the user , depending on the selections I have three different configuration forms shown/hidden to the ...

10. How come JSTL doesn't have a form tag library

I find it really suprising (I hope I am not wrong here) that the JSTL doesn't give any tag-library for handling forms. Custom tags for forms are the _major_ importance and I don't see why this was omitted. Any web-application will need to deal with forms. Can someone comment ? Thanks, Tarun

11. [ JSTL ] form bean var

12. jstl, multiple forms per page and scopes

Hello All, I'm uncertain which forum to post this in, actually, because it deals with both the HTML

tag and the jstl tag, but I'll put it here in the hopes that it will be moved appropriately without too much trouble for our esteemed moderators. I'm new to programming, as will be readily apparent, I'm sure. I've been ...

13. Dynamic form changing with JSTL

Also JSTL is not meant to be a general purpose web scripting language. It can't (and wasn't designed to) replace Javascript. JSTL is a standardized set of custom tags for working with Java objects bound to scope by servlets and Java business objects. All that being said, a lot of what you want to do can be accomplished on the server ...

14. Nested form in JSTL

15. How to disable the form

I'm developing a small application. I wrote jsp page in that 8 forms are there.all forms are same but the input values are different.when I click the form button,one function is calling and the input values(only one input value is going to servlet) are going to servlet class using Ajax. after response is coming to the jsp page,particular form button will ...

16. Forms in jsp

17. creation of one combo box form another combo box

hi all, i am very new to jsp .i have two combo box in which second combo box will be created on the selection of first combo box value dynamically . exam _ suppose i have country combo box which have no of counrty like india , england , australia etc etc . now as i select india then in another ...

18. Form Validation Design

19. How to get Form Data into my java class

20. JSP Registration Form error

Hi friends, I am trying to develop a project using JSP. I need to give registration form. I am able to get the data from the register.jsp file which has the form and enter it in the database and display success message or error message in confirm.jsp. I just want to know how to display the error message in the register.jsp ...

21. What is The Best Practice for Form Validation?

The jave script will be executed at client side without going to server for validation and it is faster which saves the user time. So with javascript you can have fast validation and users can correct immediately. If you have lot of fields and complex validation and if your javascript code increases there will be delay in form loading and response. ...

22. Form Parameter Undefined

24. Submit jsp form data to java

I have a jsp form that required user to input multiple name and email. Then the form will be submitted to a servlet. I manage to get the form data using request.getParameter() one by one. But this seems troublesome. Anyway i can do it easily as my form is consisting of multiple data rows that have name and email? I heard ...

25. onchange invoke java object method and submit form

Hi to all I'm working in a GUI web project that implements JSP Tags. Each tag correspond to one JAVA component that has listeners. each listener is fired by a method fireXXXX as in swing gui commponents. A text field ccomponent come from class com.serenix.gui.components.web.basic.WTextField and has an action listener with fireActionPerformed to fire action when an actionEvent occur. In the ...

28. TEAV Encryption From JSP Web Form

29. Inserting data to database from the form

Hi experts.. i am trying to insert data in to MySQL database from html forms using JSP.Here is the code for it.i am getting the following error which is pasted below. <%@ page import="java.sql.*" %> <% Class.forName("com.mysql.jdbc.Driver").newInstance (); %>

Fetching Data From a Database

<% Connection connection = ...

30. JSP : latest JSTL, File Upload from web form Client to Server Question!

If I have:

and run this in an index.jsp, use browse to select my text file, and click SUBMIT. I can use: //************************************************************************************************************************ InputStreamReader reader = new InputStreamReader(new DataInputStream(request.getInputStream())) BufferedReader bufferedReader = new BufferedReader(reader); bufferedReader.readLine();... //************************************************************************************************************************ However, these is some HTML/POST related content around ...