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1. Importing the content of another web resource using JSTL

I have a JSP page that will display the exact content of another web page on a different server. My understanding was that c:import from the JSTL should be able ...

2. c:import or c:url - specify a timeout value

I would like to use c:import or c:url to grab the contents of a page (adserver). In addition, I need to specify a timeout, and if the call either times out ...

3.  tag

I'm trying to import file from the Header.jsp in my file by using import tag url attribute, but I'm getting runtime http://localhost:8081/latest/header.jsp The imported file and the importing file ...

4. GSP taglib import

I'm trying to use GSP outside grails and ran to my first problem. I cannot seem to do a taglib import in my GSPs. Given

<%@ taglib prefix="c" uri="" %>
When I run my ...

5. JSP and JSTL using c:import

Is there a c tag equivalent of the <%@ include %> tag? Basically, when using the c:import tag, I find that the included pages cannot use c tags unless I ...

6. How to invoke an external library function on an object within a JSTL loop before outputting it?

Let's say I have the following JSTL loop:

<c:forEach items="${foos}" var="foo" varStatus="status">
    <c:out value="${processedFoo}"/>
And let's say I have an external library which contains a ProcessorFactory class with a ...

7. how to import a jsp from temp directory in jstl

I have some dynamically generated jsp content I'd like to (jstl) c:import into another jsp page. Currently I have the dynamically generated jsp written to a file in the servlet temp ...

8. Request attributes across c:import contexts

I'm working on a jsp(test.jsp) in a web-app with a servlet context of /hello. I am doing the following:

<c:import url = "/other/altTest.jsp" context="/" />
It appears that request attributes available to ...

9. Modify JSTL import tag to show gzipped text in JSP

In my JSPs I am currently using JSTL to show the contents of simple text files that reside on a server as follows: c:import url="" charEncoding="UTF-8"/> These text files can be quite long ...

10. JSTL import tag throws java.lang.IllegalStateException with relative URL

In a Java web application I am using the Stripes framework on Jboss 4.2.3. In my JSP when I use

<c:import url="http://localhost:8080/contextPath/txts/someID" charEncoding="UTF-8"/>
It works great and the the contents are included in ...

11. How do you pass cookies to a resource when using c:import?

I'm trying to import an external resource in a jsp and so I'm using:

<c:import url="${}" />
Is it possible to pass the cookies received on the current request to the imported resource? ...

12. How can I add params to a c:import tag in a loop?

I want to do something like this:

            <c:import url="${myvar.url}">

13. Multiple c:imports with Stripes is causing problems

I'm having a problem when I call the same Stripes action with multiple c:import tags in the same jsp. When I use the first c:import, I use a few c:params ...

14. JSP - using a variable as the url in c:import

Is there any way that we can use a variable in a <c:import> statement in JSP such as: <c:import url="<%=_header%>"></c:import>, where _header is a JSP String defined thus;

// host will typically equal: ...

15. JSTL import scope attributes

I'm using JSTL to import a form from my main page.

<c:import url = "/import/form/registerForm.jsp" />
The main page receives a attribute named registerError from a Servlet. This attribute is available from my ...

16. Import a specific element with c:import in a .jsp

I want to import a specific element from an external xhtml file into my JSP. Is this possible with the JSTL libraries? background We have a XHTML help page. Each help topic ...

17. JSTL import Tag and design

18. Question about JSTL import

This question stems from my IDE flagging my statements as 'unknown tags' even though they are all working just fine. Anyhow, when I import the JSTL tag library I use the statement: <%@ taglib uri="" prefix="c" %> Now, I was under the assumption that if I typed in the URI into my browser that I would see the TLD. When ...

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20. import tag in JSTL

21. JSTL Function import error

22. Problem with JSTL c:import

23. JSTL tag library import problem

24. JSTL c:import issue

25. regarding HTTPS in jstl

27. Cannot import Taglib JSTL

28. jstl not working

I'm trying to use jstl c:import and I'm just getting junk. I just tried: the taglib is: <%@ taglib prefix="c" uri="" %> I've also tried without the var="data" and the c:out and all I get is junk displaying, not an image. And, no, there are no compile or runtime errors. Below is what I'm getting: ...

29. how to Import my Java Class in Jsp Page

30. C : import problem importing HTML file

31. Imports broken in JSP; HTTP Status 500-