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1. JSTL Sets and Lists - checking if item exists in a Set

I have a Java Set in my session and a variable also in the session. I need to be able to tell if that variable exists in the set. ...

2. Evaluate if list is empty JSTL

I've been trying to evaluate if this array list is empty or not but none of these have even compiled:

<c:if test="${myObject.featuresList.size == 0 }">       
<c:if ...

3. Java List use through use of JSTL

Hello If I have a JSF backing bean return an object of type ArrayList, I should be able to use to iterate over the elements in the list. Each ...

4. jstl List manual iteration?

i have the following problem (new to jstl), need to create 4 columns of products in a e-store, however dont know how to manually iterate trhough the array, got this code ...

5. JSTL not supports List?


6. how to access inner elements of a Map that contains Lists in JSTL?

I have a List of MyBean1 in request scope (they have the name tests). MyBean1 has a parameter of type Map<Integer, List<MyBean2>>, accessible via a method call getMap(). Keys of this ...

7. JSTL List Help

9. Setting a List in the request or session scope using JSTL

Why can't you move it into the action? It's really the right thing to do. I've never tried to create and populate a List on a JSP page. It's quite possible to do for JavaBeans and even Maps with a combination of and . But Lists... not so sure... If it's something you have to do on the page (I ...

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