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Assume that a query result exists called resultSet having a field available as templateId. Also, a map 'templateMap' exists with keys of templatedId. I am not able to get any result from the ...

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I'm looking to have JSTL loop through a Map and output the value of the key and it's value. For example I have a Map which can have any number of entries, ...

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I have two arrays that I need to loop through. Using foreach, I can only loop through one at a time. A regular for(i = 0; i<7; i++) Loop would be ...

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I want to print decremental numbers like:

<c:forEach var="i" begin="10" end="0" step="-1">
    ... ${i} ...
then I got jsp exception:
javax.servlet.jsp.JspTagException: 'step' <= 0

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First I retrieve the Note objects in the service layer:

List<Note> notes = this.getNotes();
Then I pass List of Notes to the view layer and set the same initial value for prevNote and ...

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I need a while loop within JSTL. I cannot seem to find how to loop over something a specified number of times. Any ideas how I can accomplish this? I am thinking ...

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I was wondering whether the below code is valid? I am working on a project and I come from non java background. Do I need to enclose the <c:otherwise> with <c:choose>? ...

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Have some problem with JSTL forEach with collections. I can not understand what the problem really is. When sending a collection over to the JSP I get an exception when I try to loop through it with an c:forEach. I have tried with both JSTL 1.1.2 JSP 2.0 and JSTL 1.2 and JSP 2.1 with same result. I am running in ...

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I am trying to loop and create a table that is 4 columns and "X' amount of rows. I did a test to loop 40 "lets say products", this should give me 10 rows of 4 columns, but it is giving me 40 rows of 4 columns i am having trouble incrementing the outer loop as the inner loop loops i ...

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Hi - here is my dilema, I need to display items in a html table from a Map using JSTL. Every odd table row should have a grey colour and every even should be white (so it looks nice). My data is nested in HashMaps. The first map provies a key to the second map. However the second map may have ...

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Please post your current code (in a new message). If you use the "var" attribute (set it to something like "details", not "myList", which implies each object is a list) and output myList.firstName it should work. Chances are you're either not retrieving the attribute you think you are, or you're not using the var attribute correctly.

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Your year goes from 100 years ago until now. For each such year, you're printing the "100 year after" year. Your output probably starts with now and goes 100 years in the future. Try this: <%int year = Integer.parseInt(simpleDateformat.format(date));%>

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