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1. nested Java collection to list items per person per day in a calendar grid using JSTL?

I am developing an employee scheduler Java web applicatyion where an employee can specify days they will be out of the office for things such as vacation, business travel, etc...I have ...

2. nested c:foreach in jstl

I am working on JSTL to retrieve values from one bean. It contains one bean inside and this bean contains another bean. sample beans look like this

public class Page {

3. How do I do "nested if" in JSTL for Java JSP?

I want to do something like the following:

    <c:when test="${empty example1}">
        <c:when test="${empty ...

4. Alternating row color in JSTL with nested loop

I would like to alternate row color for each row, I know how to alternate row color using varStatus in a forEach loop. However now, I've a nested loop.

<c:forEach var="aPermission" items="${Permissions}" ...

5. jstl nested foreach help

i have a method which returns a list of objects. each object contains a list as well. how do i iterate over each object and output it and the list it contains using the foreach tag? class State { String name; List cities; } ... class City { String name; } //each class has the setters/getters ... //my method call would ...

6. JSTL nesting values?

8. Nested list jstl

Hi, I am creating a tree of categories which has an unkown depth. Therefore I have created an object which contains some properties and can contain childs of the same type. These childs can contain it's own childs again, which can contains childs as well. etc. how do I iterate over this object using jstl? Using a nested forEach won't work ...

9. nested collapsing list