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<% } rs.close(); %>

1. Displaytag library - detecting a paging request

I'm currently developing a portlet for Liferay (using the Spring MVC framework). Now I just used the displaytag library for implementing paging on a list I'm displaying on the portlet. My ...

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my pagination works good but I'm not able to understand how generate a fixed number of links to the pages. For example, I need to have 5 fixed links in this way: ...

3. Pagination - how to make it more dynamic

I'm trying to create dynamic page links, I currently have it like this...

  <c:forEach var="page" begin="1" end="10">
    <a href="/servletmapping/${page}">${page} </a>
On each page there are 10 ...

4. JSTL help with pagination

I've taken the code from BalusC here: JSP - Help in generating fixed number of link in pagination All fine, except I'd like to know what this means:

<c:set var="begin" value="${(p - ...

5. Java taglib for pagination purpose

I'm trying to use JSTL to create a pagination in my existing JSP code but I am not sure about the following syntax which I've seen in one of the examples.


6. pager taglib not renaming exported url variables as documented

I'm using this pager taglib solution, it generates the links to the pages almost as instructed. It offers a way to customize the variable names that are used to ...

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<%=rs.getString("institution_name")%> <%=rs.getString("requester")%> <%=rs.getString("created_date")%> " class="ask" onclick="target='_blank';"> Delete " onClick="return popup(this, 'Report')">Edit

18. jsp paging

I have a relatively simple problem but I can't find out the solution. I have an array what includes numbers. I would like to list 10 elements/page. But if the actual page is the second I can't open the third. Only the previous link works. NumbersBean Java Code: public class NumbersBean { List numbers; int actPage; int maxPage = 10; HtmlDataTable ...