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1. Using variables in JSTL param

Is there any way to specify a variable as a parameter name in JSTL, i.e:

<c:set var='myVar' value='dynamicParameterName' />

<c:out value='${param.(dynamicParameterName)}' />

2. What is the legal EL syntax for "${param.mode${cntr}}"

I'm writing this:

<c:forEach var="cntr" begin="1" end="10">
 <c:set var="mycase" value="${param.mode${cntr}}" />
 <c:if test="${mycase != null}">
   <c:param name="mode${cntr}" value="${mycase}"/>
The result I want is for the redirect that sits outside ...

3. JSTL SQL error in use of sql:param to link with database

i have been seeing this error which i cannot understand. where does the problem lie? Is it my coding or my Microsoft access database itself? ...

4. how to pass a param in jsp

hi guys I want to pass a parameter in jsp but I don't how here is my code here is the codes for the first page

 <sql:query var="users" dataSource="${dataSource}"> SELECT borrowers.borrowerid, ...

5. jstl old

My documentation for this tag is jstl 1.1.2 is somewhat unclear. This occurs inside

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