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For each loop is not working in opened popup while the same collection i can see when I write it on page

<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1">
<title>my cart</title>
<% ArrayList cart=(ArrayList)session.getAttribute("Cart"); 
//this line ...

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I have a page new_cpdc.jsp on which I have given a button. on clicking this button I have given a popup window select_list.jsp to select list of names.I am giving drop down list. contents of which r fetched from the database. Now, I want to get all names selected on the popup window onto the main parent window Currently, I am ...

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Hi I am creating some jsp's and for this jsp's action the logic is written in bean's(with set and get method's), so after inserting all the form data in to the table i want to show a message to the user like "Updated Successfully". So kindly tell me the procedure how to display that message, i tried JOptionPane but it is ...

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Hi friends, Here is my question. This is what I am trying to do. 1) In refactorCGR.jsp function popupKeywordAdditionJSP(regionID){ var handleToPopUp = window.open("/tigr/t4/admin/tinaController/AddKeywordsAction","popupWindow","status=1,locatio n=0,menubar=0,resizable=1,height=400,width=600,lef t=20,screenX=20,top=40,screenY=40"); } function updateKeywordListBox(regionSelectControl){ var val= regionSelectControl.value ; if(val==229000000){ document.getElementById("america").style.display=' '; document.getElementById("europe").style.display='n one'; document.getElementById("asia").style.display='non e'; document.getElementById("japan").style.display='no ne'; }else if(val==229000001){ document.getElementById("america").style.display=' none'; document.getElementById("europe").style.display='' ; document.getElementById("asia").style.display='non e'; document.getElementById("japan").style.display='no ne'; }else if(val==229000002){ document.getElementById("america").style.display=' none'; document.getElementById("europe").style.display='n one'; document.getElementById("asia").style.display=''; document.getElementById("japan").style.display='no ne'; }else ...

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