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<%++i;%> Basically I have a Bean that stores bunches of array from other form, like String[] template_cust_seg. I want to ...

1. accessing constants in JSP (without scriptlet)

I have a class that defines the names of various session attributes, e.g.

class Constants {
    public static final String ATTR_CURRENT_USER = "current.user";
I would like to use these constants ...

2. In JSP, how to identify the type of Object present in a List?

Is it possible in JSP to get the type of Object in List, just like we do in Java

or is it possible to achieve something like this:
if ( myDataBind.getResultsList().get(0) instanceOf MyClass ...

3. JSP EL and Scriptlets - How to Avoid mixing jstl and scriptlet vars

Accessing non-properties via jsp el In the code below, I need to access a method that is not a property. I need a c:foreach variable to be visible to be the ...

4. How can i use JSTL variable in scriptlet?

I have to access the JSTL variable which is calculated inside the iterator.
Excerpt of code:

<c:forEach var="resultBean" items="${resultList}" varStatus="status">
   card: ${resultBean.cardNum} 
i would like to access ${resultBean.cardNum} ...

5. Using Dreamweaver with JSP/JSTL (Scriptlet vs JSTL)

I am considering whether using JSTL is better than Scriptlets on a JSP page and one consideration is the tool that the web designers will be using to generate the JSP ...

6. I can pass a variable from a JSP scriptlet to JSTL but not from JSTL to a JSP scriptlet without an error

The following code causes an error:

1. <c:set var="test" value="test1"/>
2. <%
3. String resp = "abc";
4. resp = resp + test;
5. pageContext.setAttribute("resp", resp);
6. %>
7. <c:out value="${resp}"/>
The error says
"error a line 4: unknown ...

7. Why can I not transfer a scriptlet attribute to JSTL in this JSP custom tag?

The string:

is output to the page by this custom tag instead of the prettified Date string:
<%@ taglib prefix="c" uri="" %>
<%@ tag import="com.ocpsoft.pretty.time.PrettyTime, java.util.Date"%>
<%@ attribute name="dateParam" required="true" type="java.util.Date" %>

 PrettyTime p = ...

8. jstl problem : 2 last scriptlet to remove from my jsp

I use a code that works fine but here's the last scriptlets in my jsp :

<%  List listMillesime= MultiMillesimeFactory.getInstance().getListMillesimeActif();
<c:forEach var="millesime" items="${listMillesime}">
Here is ...

9. how can I change special jsp scriptlet to jstl?

i want to change all scriptlets in my jsp pages to jstl, how can i change this code to jstl

    <%     Map validationResults = (HashMap) ...

10. Converting to JSTL (Specificlly on calling methods)

I'm in the process of going the full JSTL way, and I've got an issue with the following scriplet, I have already transformed the variable displaying and conditions to the expression ...

11. Scriptlet in js

i have a jsp page... i am adding some content to page dynamically depending upon request parameters (an array will be returned by request) based on this i have to create ...

12. How should i convert the scriptlet to JSTL?

 <A HREF='<%=urlProfile%>'><%=objUserDetailsVO.getLogin_Ident()%></TD>

13. JSTL SQL Basics

Does anyone have good reference which can help me understand JSTL SQL Basics I have already gone through But needed something which explains in detail how the syntax and how the ...

14. How do you access a c:forEach loop value from a scriptlet?

When I try to access wrap.myUtilDate I get an error:

`wrap.myUtilDate` cannot be resolved to a type
Can c:forEach loop values be accessed from a scriptlet?
<c:forEach items="${myWraps}" var="wrap" varStatus="status">



15. Change html content with jstl or scriptlet

I know that you can use javascript inner html to change the content of the HTML code inside a <div> tag. But is there anyone here who know of a way ...

16. How to convert dynamic scriptlets to JSP 2.0 with JSTL/EL?

I need to grab a dynamically-named variable off of the request. This works in scriptlet form, but I'd rather not clutter up the page with scriptlets.

    String requestValueKey ...

17. JSP using JSTL and scriptlets

I have this jsp page with some conditions :

        if (filterPresent.equals("true") && !selectedFilterCategory.isEmpty()){

18. How to use a java class in a taglib scriptlet?

I am trying to pass an exception string from a java class into a taglib. I take the exception from the request and pass that into a taglib that generates ...

19. JSTL equivalents to jsp tags

I have a search application. The result of my search is all set as properties in transfer object. In my processor java class, I am putting the TO in context as:

ctx.putUserData("searchDetailsTO", searchDetailsTO);
Along with ...

20. JSTL retrieving a hashmap from session

I have a hashmap which is stored in a session. The hashMap is a map of maps.

HashMapStoredInSession ={"290" = {text="abc", response="someText"}, "276"={text="xyz", response="random"}};  
I dont want to use scriptlets. But ...

21. JSTL inside Java Scriptlet

22. Scriptlet vs JSTL

23. Scriptlet to JSTL

24. Passing values between JSTL and scriptlet

First point: you really shouldn't be mixing and matching technologies if you can avoid it. Use scriptlets or use JSTL/EL. Using both is rather messy. Given that: scoped variables -- those created and referenced via JSTL and EL -- are just what we previously thought of as "attributes" created and obtained via setAttribute() and getAttribute().

26. Best Practice of using JSTL + ScriptLet

Hi all, I wrote the following jsp to display data from db.

<%=(String)trancheDetailsViewBean.getCustSegMap().get(trancheDetailsDataBean.getTemplate_cust_seg()[i])%> <%=trancheDetailsDataBean.getTemplate_counterparty_ID()[i]%> <%=(String)trancheDetailsViewBean.getTemplateTypeMap().get(trancheDetailsDataBean.getTemplate_type()[i])%> <%=trancheDetailsDataBean.getTemplate_name()[i]%>

28. Design Question JSTL or Scriptlet

You seem (rightly) concerned about the design badness of mixing JSTL and scriplets, and yet you seem cavalier about emitting HTML from inside beans. Strange dichotomy. Why do you feel the need to emit HTML from code? Do you have a good reason to not employ a custom tag file for such purposes? Perhaps a little more info on the scenario ...

29. JSTL vs Scriptlet again

30. jstl equivalent for the scriptlet code

thank you guys for your replies but actually this code is in my logout.jsp page and i am calling it on a click of a link to remove all the attributes and redirecting the user to the homepage. if this is not the correct way then shall i put this code in a servlet and remove all the attributes?? rite

31. Scriptlet to JSTL

32. Scriptlet vs JSTL

I haven't heard anybody say this out loud, but here's another thing I suspect drives people to prefer JSPs to servlets: if there's a bug in your JSP, you just fix the bug and zap the new version directly into your server. It gets automatically recompiled and the next request gets the fixed version and everything's good. Whereas if there's a ...

33. JSTL + EL + Custom Tags performance vs Scriptlet performance

Hi Bear, since EL would use Reflection (would it not?) to run the code, i have a very strong gut feel that it would run slower than direct Java programming through scriptlets. So, I was assuming that JSTL won't be so fast as direct scriptlet programming. In fact, that was the reason in one of my projects i have used scriptlets, ...

34. Need some advice on converting scriptlet code to jstl

So apparently I got off to a bad start learning how to code JSPs and now I have a lot of scriptlet code that I need to convert to jstl. I've been able to figure out the basics, but if someone could clarify a few things it would be a big help. <% FormErrors errors = (FormErrors) request.getAttribute("errors"); //... %>