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1. JSTL vs jsp scriptlets

I want some one to explain some points in @BlausC's amaizing answer in this question How to avoid Java Code in JSP-Files? he siad that scriptlets had some disadvantages which are ...

2. How to write jstl instead of scriptlets?

    UserDetailsVO objUserDetailsVO = null;
   ArrayList arlUserDetailsVO = (ArrayList)request.getAttribute("LSTUSERSDETAILS");
   String nonBifFlag = "";
   if(arlUserDetailsVO !=null){
   Iterator it = arlUserDetailsVO.iterator();

3. Using scriptlets and JSTL

4. JSTL over scriptlets

Hi All, I've been using JSTL over scriptlets over the past couple of months now , thanks to the guidance of experienced people here and am picking it up on the go . However , upon questioned by one of my peers who chose to side scriptlets citing they were more fundamental and closer to native Java. I didn't have much ...