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1. How to reset a session scoped jsp:useBean?

I am creating a TreeMap bean. I want to pass this around in the session scope. However, I need to reset/clear this TreeMap bean. This is how I am declaring my bean:

<jsp:useBean ...

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5. How can i get session value by using JSTL

Hi How can i get sessions value by using JSTL . I would like to avoid java code in my jsp. While using scriptlet its working fine. but, when i use JSTL pages getting empty. What i done wrong in my code. <% if(session.getAttribute("SMGR") != null) { SessionManager smg = (SessionManager) session.getAttribute("SMGR"); ArrayList myPageList = smg.getMyAccessPage(); System.out.println("myPage jsp size - ...

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9. PD4ML session tracking

I have a session maintained in my running web application. When i am trying to convert a jsp page to pdf with PD4ML the values in the session are not shown. This i believe is because PD4ML creates a new session of itself. I tried setting the session id of the pd4ml object to the one which is already have created ...

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12. problem with sessions

Let's see. In abc.jsp, there's a link that calls xyz.jsp as a popup. In xyz.jsp, there'll be session.setAttribute("sesID", session.getId()); And in abc.jsp, there'll be session.getAttribute("sesID", session.getId()); In my case, these two IDs are different while running on my PC otherwise they are the same running on other PCs. What I would like to know is the reason behind this scenario. Thanks. ...

13. Java JSP UseBean and Session scope

I have a problem, I have some class, let's say for example : public class SomeClass { private String myVar = ""; public SomeClass(){ } public void setMyVar(String s){ this.myVar = s; } public String getMyVar(){ return myVar; } } I am trying to use this in a JSP as a bean, like follows : on ...

14. session hijacking

In our application we have 3 layers/managers. Each of them having different roles. According to there role Each of them have some different as well as common priveleges. But due to same session variable name they can access each others privelegs by session hijacking . Please suggest to avoid this session hijacking

15. sessions doubt

i opened one browser and typed one jsp page in the one form is there in that one only username is there i typed that username and clik on submit and navigate to another page

What's your name?

SaveName.jsp : <% String name = request.getParameter( "username" ); ...

16. session handling

I think , that needs lot of validation . U can do this way , while submitting that from do the validation. else{ Actually session exp is a server level value , u cant take easily that values using java script function means , atleast u have to do a submit to check the expiration }

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