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I'm using the following code to query a database from my jsp, but I'd like to know more about what's happening behind the scenes. These are my two primary questions. Does the tag ...

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I'm a big fan of keeping application logic in the servlet, and keeping the JSP as simple as possible. One of the reasons for this is that any good web designer ...

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I wrote the following code in a JSP file:

<c:catch var="e">
        int accountNumber = Integer.parseInt(request.getParameter("accountNumber"));

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Originally posted by alex reznik: can i use same string that i normally use in the DriverManager.getConnection("string") statement in the ? at this moment, when i do, i get the noSuitableDriver error. any extra steps i need to take for the tag to find the driver besides the regular things that need to be done?(like putting classpath to ...

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Hi, all! The one thing that has really concerned me about JSTL is the inclusion of the SQL tags. I really don't like the idea of a JSP going directly to the database and would prefer to have a layer that abstracts the DB from the presentation. The people who developed JSTL thought there was a need for these tags, though. ...

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Dear amar, the examples which are provided by the sun on SQL tags are correct only, but only thing is you need to set url,driver name, user name and password according to your database. try this program, set your own url,driver name,user name and password in the below fields ...

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Hi All, Does anyone know a nice tutorial on how to provide the user with functionality dealing with multiple pages of a resultset.. I want them to see the 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 but am not quite sure what the best approach is. Thanks,

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Hi Thank you for reading. How i can access the first row of a query result in JSTL , and retriev its first column with its name imagine the following : Now in some place of the page i should include a page and ...

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Hi, OS WIN 2K, Tomcat is 4.1.3 , jdk 1.4.2_03 , udb is 7.2 When I use the following code in a jsp it works without a problem Class.forName("COM.ibm.db2.jdbc.app.DB2Driver"); con = DriverManager.getConnection( ); // proper arguments inside But, If I replace the above with the following in the same file , I get the exception javax.servlet.ServletException: Unable to get connection, DataSource ...

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Hi All, I am developing a samll application for my personal use. I want to use XML file for data storage and retrieval. and I want use JSP for view layer. In JSP I would like to use JSTL as this is very small application. This application has one JSP to add data to XML file and another JSP to search ...

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I want to avoid using the JSTL SQL tags because they make the code ugly, break MVC, and aren't as easy to use as if I have java class handling all sorts of extra work pre and post processing the data. I'm working on creating a comment system so essentially I have a form which on submit pushes the values into ...

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Originally posted by ashirvad jain: Hello Frens, I figure out the prob, Now its running .. Thanks for Nothing.. ashirvad, I'm glad you go it working. Two things: 1.) I'm not sure you're aware of this but the phrase "thanks for nothing", in English is a bitter utterance, usually said in anger. Are you bitter and angry that you didn't receive ...

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I am trying to do the following but its giving me error saying that sql doesnt have any query to execute. I print out the sqlQuery sting and it prints it out properly but sql="${sqlQuery}" portion of the code doesnt work. Can anyone please tell me why? <% String sqlQuery = sqlQueryBean.getQuery(); %>

<%=sqlQuery%> ...

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Hi Ranchers, today i was learning tag and came towards a doubt. I provided sql database, driver name, userName, passWord in the sql:setDataSource tag and connected and brought database information as given in the select clause of my tag. However it everytime connects to database whenever i refresh the page which is not good. Is there a caching capability ...

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Hello, I am using the JSTL SQL Tag, I am interested in passing a param to this query which is got from another query run earlier, is there any restriction on the type of the parameter that I can pass to the query? For ex: select * from app.book where book_id = ? catrow.BOOK_ID ...

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When I use my JSTL tag library for mySQL it works in my test environment like openPortal Portlet Container 2.0 but when I install it in liferay I getting an Error Message that said "CN2 News Video Player is temporarily unavailable" and I don't know what is causing it. this is my code for my jstl sql tag. This code is ...

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Dear Sirs, I have the below JSTL code: SELECT NAME, COUNT( BOOKS ) AS ALL_BOOKS FROM NAMES, BOOKS WHERE NAMES.CODE = BOOKS.CODE It displays the value of NAMES, but the value of the alias column ALL_BOOKS shows NOTHING. Please help. Thanks.