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1. jstl syntax problem

hi developers i'm using start jstl. then i'm use ${fn:relaceAll('','','')} this function. third parameter is must be <a href="pageContext.request.contextPath"/people/id.shtml>name</a> then id and name is variable. but i coudn't right write this anchor tag. ...

2. Jstl syntax

I am updating user status(true,false) form jsp page , here i am getting user status from controller class and displayed in option box , here i am using <c:when> jstl tag. ...

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6. JSTL setDataSource syntax secure or not?

The JSP stays on the server and is never visible on the client -- so that's not an issue. However, anyone that has permission to view the files on the server can see this information. But it's no less secure in a JAP than in any other file. P.S. Using the JSTL SQL tags in anything but "toy" code is not ...

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8. Need JSTL syntax help

I have two beans in request context bean1 and bean2 (say). One of the properties of bean1 is prop1 with value val1. Business logic ensures that bean2 is going to have a property named val1 with value val2. Objective is to display the value val2 on the page. Can someone help me with suitable jstl code? works, prints ...

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