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But since it's a properties object, which is backed by a hashmap, I can't be assured of the order. So I made a sorted array of the keys. However, I can't see to get the values from the properties object. Everything ...

1. JSTL access a map value by key

I have a Map keyed by Integer. Using JSTL, how can I access a value by its key?

Map<Integer, String> map = new HashMap<Integer, String>();
map.put(1, "One");
map.put(2, "Two");
map.put(3, "Three");
I thought this would work ...

2. How to access map value when its key contains a dot in JSTL?

when my Map contains key with dot in their name I cannot access the corresponding value directly with the usual code:

Is there a way to escape the dot? Or do I ...

3. fetching values from map in jstl

I have the following code on my jsp page:

<c:out value="${items}" /><br />

<c:forEach items="${items}" var="item">
     1. <c:out value="${item.key}" /><br />
     2. <c:out value="${item.key eq ...

4. set var value from input field value

I started short time ago with JSP, JSTL, HTML and JavaScript so here is my problem: I need to set the value of a var the value of an input hidden. Other ...

5. How can directly get the value of a specified cookie name from the header?

In my jsp page i have put

and I got this :
JSESSIONID=1bxvxsg61zphc; JSESSIONID=385a85a4ad8a3041ee047d586447; treeForm:tree-hi=treeForm:tree:applications; clientLanguage=fr
My question is, how can directly get the value of a specified cookie name without using loop, for ...

6. Is it possible to omit escaping some html in ?

I want make secure display (escaping html characters with c:out) but allow some links (<img> <a href> and youtube embedded). How can I do this? Is it possible achieve this with ...

7. Why does JSTL output a double value of 99 as 99.0 (not 99.00) using ${dollarAmount}?

I have a double value dollarAmount which has the value 99:

double dollarAmount = 99;
When I try to output it to my page using this code:
<c:out value="${dollarAmount}"/>
It comes out as 99.0. Because it ...

8. JSTL - how to get a value of value?

I have this in my jsp page : ${category.name_ENG} which has "Car" as value but i have the local language in an another varialbes : ${locale}. So in ...

9. How to use jstl foreach directly over the values of a map?

I tried the following which surprisingly does not work, looks like .values does not work at all in jstl:

<c:forEach var="r" items="${applicationScope['theMap'].values}">
The map is defined like this (and later saved to the ...

11. How to set value in JSTL

12. Extracting values from JSTL forEach

13. Getting values from a map in JSTL

14. JSTL does not show values

15. JSTL .. Set Property to save values..

16. JSTL C:out value not working properly in Input Box value setting

hi, I am trying to create an Edit profile page. Thus I get the Users previous attributes value using a simple select query then setting the values like the following

18. Getting values from a hashmap using JSTL

So I used to have the following code.


19. setting hashmap value using jstl

20. Process exit value = 128

21. Passing value....

Hello, I like to learn how to pass value to Textbox from JSP or servlet ? like in javascript for example : var document.formname.textboxname.value another question is, how to add action methods to button in JSP ? in java we were adding actionlistener for button button.addactionlistener and we were writing what button is wanted to do so how will we assign ...

22. Getting values from the map using jstl

23. How to get values for unselected checkbox values

hello, the below code is the jsp page for attendance ,that fetches two columns from database(mysql),reg no and name and it has a checkbox column. If the student is absent,the corresponding check box is selected and it is submitted to the another jsp page which marks attendance present for unselected checkbox values and absent for selected checkbox in the database.

24. Check the values and try again... ...

25. Radio button values are not lose

How do I keep Radio button values are not lose them after the Form is submitted when the form is submitted if some values are not properly entered the old clicked radio button value should be retrived. How can i achieve the above. JavaBean: public void setCusttype (String custtype ) { this.custtype = custtype ; } public String getCusttype () { ...

26. how to focus dojo slider to a particular value and then disabling dojo slider so that

How to focus dojo slider to a particular value (say 2.5 )on the slider and then disabling dojo slider so that value not changes on clicking on the dojo slider?ie i want to focus dojo slider to a particular value and then make it disable. Java Code: